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LEED-ND Tool-Montgomery, AL

Greensboro, Cottage Grove South English Street Neighborhood Analysis via LEED-ND

Tim Bevins

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of LEED-ND Tool-Montgomery, AL

NPD "trees lower the temperature, draw carbon dioxide from the atmoshpere, produce oxygen and reduce the amount of pullutants that run into nearby waterbodies" GIB GIB Where AGENDA
Introductions/Meeting Overview
LEED-ND for Neighborhood Planning
Three Points Neighborhood via LEED-ND
Opportunity Areas
Group Discussion What is LEED-ND? Compact. Connected. Complete. What SLL How A Way to Measure Sustainability LEED-ND Assessment thank you... Workshop Feedback Added to our Final Assessment
Policy Recommendations for City (6-8 weeks)
Follow-up with City Staff on Implementation Issues Site Location and Linkage Green Building and Infrastructure Public Face in 2015 Neighborhood Assets Neighborhood Pattern and Design www.usgbc.org/neighborhoods Neighborhood Assets Discussion Topics Civic Amenities Building Performance Neighborhood Challenges Montgomery, AL
Three Points Neighborhood Neighborhood Challenges What could encourage property owners and developers to build green and what role should the city play?
What additional features would add the most value to the neighborhood?
How should the neighborhood look by 2015?
What is the best way to move around the neighborhood and to downtown? Group Discussion Sustainable Fellwood
Savannah, GA
Silver Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment Historic Buildings
Good Housing Stock
AME Mt. Zion Church

Jubilee Center
Proximity to Downtown
Narrow Streets
Mature Trees
Vacant Land Vacant Land
Missing Infrastructure
Missing Trail Identity City Wide & Neighborhood Plans Community Workshop Downtown Three Points University Place
Memphis, TN
Certified Assessment Area FINDINGS
SLL NPD GIB energy efficiency
water efficiency
increase use of programs neighborhood parks
community center
public space
medical service
community garden surrounding neighborhoods
bus trees
improved sidewalks
murals/art Public Face in 2015 Large Blocks
Missing Parks
Lack of Food Stores interpretation of trail Neighborhood Connections
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