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My 7th grade experience

No description

Victoria Torregrossa

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of My 7th grade experience

My 7th grade experience
My overall experience
I was VERY nervous to go to North High School. Just thinking of my locker combo, making new friends, grades and going to my classrooms would freak me out. The first day was hard but it got much better as the year went on. This may be hard to believe at first, but you start to get used to your schedule in about a week. North changed me so far in the best way possible. I used to be shy in elementary school but when I went to North, I felt like I could express myself more and that was HUGE for me. Many amazing things have happened to me in the 7th grade. I got high honor roll for 3 marking periods in a row, I got student of the month and I got an award at the awards ceremony. I could never imagine myself getting this far in my first year of North.
How to keep track with things
Keeping track with homework and tests can be very difficult to deal with. A huge thing that helps me is the agenda. You can write what you have to do that night like homework. You can even write things down that might be coming up like a project. At the end of the year, you will have tests like post assessments and finals. The calender in the agenda can help a lot with that. You can also ask a friend or teacher for help.
Making friends
As you go to North, you will keep some of your friends from elementary school. You will also make new friends along the way. Friends that you have now might not be your friends in a few years but that's okay. Just be yourself and don't let anyone change that.
After school activities
At North high school, there are TONS of after school activities. I guarantee that you will find a club that you will like. In the beginning of the year, I did art club. I had a good time. There are sports that you could try out for. In November, I tried out for volleyball. I didn't make it :(. But there is always next year.
For some people, organization can be easy. For others...., not so much.How to keep your binders neat is to make buy dividers in your binder. Also, write neat notes so you can read what you wrote. I speak from personal experience. If you have a hard time finding homework, make a homework folder so you can keep your homework in it. I do this and it helps me a lot.
Staying out of trouble
Here are some tips on how to stay out of trouble
Don't talk during class
Be polite to your teacher
Do your homework
If you have trouble in class, do to extra help. Even if you have a bad average, it shows the teacher you are trying
Raise your hand
Participate in class
Pay attention( as hard as it may be)
Hallways can be very crowded and busy. After the bell that rings at the end of your class, you will have 4 minutes to get to the next one. You might think that you will need more time, but you will make it. If you are late to some of your classes in the first week or so, it's okay. Teachers understand that you need to adjust to everything.
The school is a square. It is easy to get around to
There are 3 floors ( not 4)
If you get a bad test grade, ask your teacher for extra credit to make your grade go up.
If you have any problems or concerns, see your guidance counselor
If you do not like a teacher, just try to concentrate on the work
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