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ASL 1 - Katie Leclerc

due Dec. 5th

Kathryn Harris

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of ASL 1 - Katie Leclerc

Katie Leclerc by Kathryn Harris Childhood Born November 6, 1986 in San Antonio, Texas.
Spent first half in Lakewood, Colorado. In high school, her family moved to San Diego, California. Family She was the youngest of three children. Her oldest sister teaches ASL
and has Ménière’s Disease, along with their father. Acting Career Katie Leclerc is known in the deaf world and the hearing
world for being a hard-of-hearing actress who plays one of the main characters, Daphne who is deaf, on the ABC Family
TV show, Switched at Birth. She found her passion for acting
while playing the lead role in a production of "Annie" at her
high school. Other shows she has acted in include "Veronica
Mars" and "The Inner Circle." Ménière’s Disease Katie Leclerc is slowly becoming deaf because of her illness called Ménière’s Disease.
4 Symptoms include:
Pressure in the ear
Fluctuating hearing loss
Vertigo What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is ringing in the ears, which often happen right before an attack. What is vertigo? Severe dizziness, one of the symptoms Katie says she experiences the most. Disease usually only affects one ear
Some attacks of vertigo are so severe that the person loses balance and falls. These are called drop attacks.
Most likely to happen to people between the ages of 40 and 60. However, there is no known cause of the disease.
Symptoms are caused by build up of fluid in the labyrinth, or the compartment of the inner ear. The labyrinth contains the cochlea, semicircular canals, and otolithic organs called the endolymph.
The endolymph interferes with normal balance and hearing signals.

** fun fact: Kristen Chenoweth also has Ménière’s Disease ** Bibliography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katie_Leclerc
http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/balance/pages/meniere.aspx More on Ménière’s Disease
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