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Teddy Roosevelt

No description

Tara Storm

on 28 September 2018

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Transcript of Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt
Table of Contents
Page: The Faces of Teddy
Page: Teddy Speeches
I will evaluate Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Readings
1. Write the definitions for:
and Progressivism
In your own words on your next available sheet
In your notebook, divide your page into three sections
The 3 Faces of Teddy Roosevelt
Face 1: The Man
Face 2: The Progressive
Face 3: The Imperialist
- Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was a big believer in manliness and masculinity
- He believed through strength and determination you can overcome anything
- He was a staunch proponent (believer) of capitalism
- It was the government's role to break up monopolies to make it fair for the average person
- He also believed America should take on a leading role in the world and its affairs
- This required colonies and a large military

Face 1: The Man
One of Roosevelt's most famous speeches is the "Man in the Arena" Speech. Take a few minutes, read and annotate this speech. We will have a short discussion afterwards.
Face 1: The Man
Example of Teddy's Manliness
In your group have a quick discussion, what did it mean to be a progressive back in the Gilded Age? Think about the conditions of that time period. Take about a minute then we will discuss as a class.
Face 2: The Progressive
- Teddy believed in conservation and trust busting (breaking up monopolies)
- Capitalism could not work if there were monopolies
- Natural resources needed to be conserved for a better country
- Teddy created the Square Deal which had 3 Cs
1. Conservation of Natural Resources (national parks)
2. Control of Corporations (breaking up monopolies)
3. Consumer Protection (Ex: Food Drug Administration)
Teddy the Progressive
Lets read Roosevelt's letter to the National Conservation Commission and see what his beliefs were.

We will have a brief discussion afterwards.
- Teddy Roosevelt believed that America should be a world leader
- America needed colonies and a powerful military to become a true power
- He argued for "Big Stick Diplomacy"
- "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
- You try to talk to them but use your military as a threat
- Fought in the Spanish-American War as a "Rough Rider"
- Made him famous
Face 3: The Imperialist
Teddy Bear
Rough Rider
Which "face" best described Teddy Roosevelt? Why do you think that? Give 2 reasons? This should be 4-6 sentences.
1. Read the three slips.
2. Answer the guided questions in complete sentences.
3. Glue each slip into your notebook on the page called "Teddy in Speeches"
4. For each slip, write which FACE it is:
-The Man
-The Progressive
-The Imperialist
5. Let's discuss.
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