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Before you keep destroying the rainforest, look at the conse

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nicole kajpust

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Before you keep destroying the rainforest, look at the conse

Alternatively, others may claim that deforestation gives out more offers to people in need for jobs.
However, I think that company's that don't involve deforestation should offer more jobs to people in need for jobs because evidence says there would be massive unemployment in the field of wood industry.
Many native people are dieing from settlers polluting the rainforest.
According to the author of
saving the amazon
miners & settlers polluted the rivers and burned down countless acres of forests to grow crops. The settlers also brought diseases like malana, alien rainforest, which killed thousands native people. This makes me think miners and settlers don't care about people who lived there before.
I also believe the more the products we get from the rainforest, the more the rainforest will seize to exist.
One compelling example from Web Quest amazon, rainforests covered 14% of earth, now it is near 6%, leaving the crops to die and leaving us with nothing. From this I have come to understand that we are not caring about what we through out.
Before you keep destroying the rainforest, look at the consequences of our generation.
Before you keep destroying the rainforest, look at the consequences of our generation.
Therefore, we recommend we that we keep doing deforestation, but we also need to up cycle, recycle, and replant.
In addition to the trees in the rainforest,if we keep cutting down trees and not replanting them, we will lose oxygen and stop breathing.
In the article Reporting on the Rainforest, trees and other rainforest plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen in which we need to breathe with. As I understand the text it makes me think about the future and when there are no more trees to replant.
native kids in the amazon rainforest
Cotton that is growing on a tree in the rainforest
A part of the amazon rainforest cut down
People replanting trees and cleaning up the area
insert video
People working to get paid
Let the trees grow!!!
Save the trees
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