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Taking Risks or Playing it Safe?

No description

Ellie Sullivan

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Taking Risks or Playing it Safe?

Taking a risk will make you a better person
~You can become a more positive person by taking one risk
Introduction Strategy
Series of questions
Is it better to take risks and perhaps make some mistakes or remain cautious and risk nothing?
Explain using specific details and examples in your response.
Taking risks is a part of life
When taking a risk there is always the chance that good things will happen.
Are you the kind of person who lives on the edge and participates in outrageous things? Or are you the person who sits at home and plays it safe? Well, if you don't take risks then whats the point of living? Taking risks has so many advantages like having the chance of something good happening, making you a better person, plus they are apart of your life.
Taking risks has so many advantages like having the chance of something amazing happening, making you a better person, and they are apart of life
(Body paragraph #1)
~ If you don't take risks then you won't learn from mistakes.
~ Your life will end up being dull without risks
(Body paragraph #3)
(Body Paragraph #2)
~You will be more confident when it comes to other risks
~ You will be able to try things you have never even thought of trying
~ The risk you take can have a more positive outcome
~Having the possibility of your life changing
Taking Risks
~You will miss out on enjoyable experiences
~Taking a risk can lead to success
Well as you now see taking risks is apart of life. Without them your life will be boring and uneventful. If you want an adventurous, extravagant, and unique life take a risk. Live on the edge and be fearless. I promise you won't regret it.

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