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The Archetypal Hero

No description

John Ward

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Archetypal Hero

The Archetypal Hero
What are archetypes?
Archetypes are the plots, characters, and symbols that are found in literature and folk tales throughout the world.

The most familiar of these character archetypes is the HERO.
What makes a hero?
The hero is the PROTAGONIST of the story. A hero is a character who is making a CHANGE as he/she goes through the story. The hero must leave the life that he/she has known and enter a different "world" in order to make his/her changes.
What is the hero's goal?
Once the hero travels in this other world and faces challenges and trials, the hero must come back to where he/she started, armed with new knowledge and abilities to make things better for the people.

The hero's GOAL is to make a change by completing the journey.
What other archetypes interact with the hero?
The MENTOR guides the hero along his/her journey. The mentor has knowledge that the hero does not yet have, and shares that knowledge with the hero.
The THRESHOLD GUARDIAN challenges or tests the hero on the journey. The hero must outsmart or defeat the guardian in order to continue on toward the goal.
The SHADOW is the antagonist of the story and is viewed as the dark side of the hero. The shadow's job is to stop the hero from completing his/her journey.
The ALLY supports the hero on his/her journey. Often allies will don other masks for brief periods during the journey. The ally's goal is to help the hero.
Can you spot the hero?
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