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Who Am I Evaluation

No description

alecia neu

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Who Am I Evaluation

Meaning of my name My first name means Noble kind and my last name means Noy Alecia Marie Neu Olivia Ann Neu Hailey Grace Neu Michael Jhon Neu Tracy Ann Neu Sherron Ireland Joseph Neu Agness Neu Wendy Sourji Tony Sourji Mitchaell Sourji Cassandra Sourji Debbie Kelly Damfouse Harold Paul Damfouse Daulton Damfouse Keagon Damfouse Karen Wideman Jermany Wideman Katherine Kelman Tyler Todd Terance Anthony Sourji Samul Wideman Kera Wideman Kathy Kelman What are my hobbies or interests I do not have and hobbies, but my interests are playing soccer, painting,or drawing, listening to music, making crafts, shopping and hanging out with friends. Family Members I live with my mother, Tracy my father Mike. My mother Tracy was born Sept 7th1964. My mother enjoys painting, quilting and guardening. She also loves her job being an esthetician. My father Mike was also born in Sept but on the 23th 1966. He loves building things, and he loves his job as a fire fighter. I also have two younger sisters Olivia, and Hailey. Olivia is 13, she was born September 30th, 1996. She has brown hair and green eyes, she is very smart, Olivia loves to read books, and make up plays, because she likes acting. Hailey is my younger sister, she is 10 years old, Hailey was born Augest 24th, 1999. Hailey loves drama, singing,and sports her favorate is soccer. Hailey got the privilage to escort the Canadian Womens Soccer Team when they had their final game against the United States Womens Soccer Team. My Friends Friends I have a lot of friends I guess and there are lots of people I do not get along with. I mostly hang out with a group of people at school. they are loud and funny and most people know them, these are my friends. their names are Katie Konstantopoulos, Karleigh Richmond, Sam Schultz, Jeff Wall, Carolyn Sheardown, Kassie Burt, Nick Thomas, Jessie Davis, Mary Gleason, Lukas Gross. I also hang out with anouther group of friends and they are all very friendly and smart, i don't think I should hang out with them because they are too smart for me and they make me feel dumb. They are Karen Edmunds, Kaitlynn Staden, Mary and Leona Balson, leena Salehi. I also have other friends that I hang out with when i am not in school like Jacinda Orton/ Golding, and Sofia Corrilli Where do I live My hero would be my mother because she is a hard working person who does not stop till the job is done. My mother never gives up; she is organized, patient and creative. My mother works her butt off to make my family's life wonderful. Because of my mother my family has every thing we could ever want. Motor Co - ordination: 94%
Manual Dexterity: 94%
Finger Deterity: 90%
Spatial Perception: 88%
Form Perception: 81%
Numerical Ability: 65%
Clerical Perception: 63%
General Learning Ability: 55%
Verbal Ability: 50% Congratulations, you are primary blue. Your heart felt communication style creates peace and harmony in the workplace. You know how to bring out the best in others. Your complete colour spectum is shown above. I think that my colour suits me because I am not that organized, but I am a fun and loving person who loves people and nature. Two of my most important moments were when my sisters were born. My sisters have been a big change in my life, they are both very important to me. Alecia Neu Jerald Ireland John Kelman In the future I would like to graduate high school, get into a collage for cooking or baking and learn how to be a perfetional chef. If I do not succeed in cooking school, my back up plan is to ba a artest or a disigner. I am very good at art and I enjoy designing clothing. The End I live in Nobleton Ontario, in a small house. The number 68. My neighbour hood is very frendly and my family knows a lot of people. My family and I have lived in Nobleton for around seventeen years.
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