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Europe By: Jack and Cameron 1st period

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Europe By: Jack and Cameron 1st period

Europe By: Jack and Cameron 1st period

acid rain in germany
1. Germany is a country of old forest, butifull rivers, and historic artwork and buildings over the past 30 years, acid rain has taken its toll on thes landmarks.
2. The toxic smock from manufacturing plants is carried by air currents to other places before it falls.
3. in 2007, Germany, as a member of the european union, promise to increase its use of cleaner, renewable energy by 20%.
air pollution in UK
1. The great smog happend in 1952.
2. thick london smog happens when water in the air mixes with smoke particels from a coal fire.
3. The great smog made it hard to see so that commeted more crime.
5 adjectives to discribe chernobyl
1. raidocative
2. Nuclear disaster
5.power station
3 pictures
in chernobyl a power plant blew upon chernobyl many people died thatwere cleaning up because of raidoactiveve waves.Many countrys were using nuclear power. after the disater 28 emergency workers died from acute raidation syndrome. Nearby pine forest turned brown and died. many animals died or suffered thyroid damage.
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