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Daniel's Story : Timeline of the Holocaust

A timeline of the events Daniel describes during the Holocaust in Daniel's Story.

Hannah Wang

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Daniel's Story : Timeline of the Holocaust

A Timeline of the Events Daniel Describes in Daniel's Story April 2, 1933 - Daniel sees a Brown Shirt outside his father's shop

Daniel finds out that all Jewish shops in Germany were being boycotted. The beginning of the book

Daniel was born on March 30, 1927. September 1, 1939 - Daniel has to wear a yellow star

The Nazi's had passed a law stating all Jews must wear a yellow star on the outside of their clothes, or be killed. November 10, 1938 - Kristallnacht May 8, 1945 - Germany surrenders to the Allies

Germany wanted to continue the battle with the Russians, but it was not allowed. So, Germany had an unconditional surrender. Many leaders, such as Benito Mussolini, were killed. Hitler himself suicided, along with his wife. June, 1944 - Daniel and his family are transported from Lodz to Aushwitz April 11, 1945 - American troops liberate Buchenwald

In Buchenwald, some inmates built a radio transmitting device and sent a distress call for help to the american troops. The prisoners rebelled and killed the watchtower guards, and soon, the American army came to liberate them. November, 1944 - Daniel is transferred to Buchenwald with his father 1936 - Daniel leaves public school

At this time, most Jewish children are mistreated by the schools, who have been ordered to give lessons about Jews and true "Aryans" The End of the book March 30 1933 - Daniel's 6th birthday

Daniel's father and uncle were arguing about whether or not they should immigrate. Germany had already been mistreating Jews, but lately it had intensified. July 23, 1938 - Daniel's I.D. card

Jewish people were forced to carry I.D. cards stamped with a J. They were also forced to add Sara or Israel to their names. By: Hannah Wang October 18, 1941 - Daniel and his family are deported

In that time, Jews were pushed out of their homes, and their belongings taken by the Nazis. They were then packed into a cellar for the night, and then shipped to Lodz, a ghetto in Poland. 1942 - More raids

In 1942, Lodz began having more deportations. There was an order given that Jews couldn't be outside after 5 pm. There was also an order that all children under 10 and old people were to be deported. In the end, the curfew was lifted and 20000 people had been deported. It was also Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. The Numenberg Laws - These laws deprived all Jewish citizens of their rights. They described what a jewish person was, and prohibited Jewish people from marrying non-jewish people. Because of this, it led to German citizens banning Jews from gaining jobs as lawyers, doctors, and even normal business men. Additionally, all Jews were not allowed to visit public places, such as hospitals, and Jewish names were removed from memorials. Kristallnacht - Kristallnacht is also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass. It was started when a Polish Jew named Herschel Grynszpan shot a German official named Ernst Vom Rath three times in the abdomen for revenge. His family had been deported. Strangely, though, Vom Rath was actually known for expressing anti-nazi thoughts. Anyway, in retaliation, Hitler ordered all Nazi troops to destroy anything Jewish. Synagogues and Jewish shops were burned and smashed, and over 30000 men were arrested. These men were later put in concentration camps. However, any Jewish buildings near German dwellings were not burned, only smashed, for Hitler only wanted Jews to suffer, not his own people. Lodz was the second largest ghetto the Nazis created. Lodz became an industrial center for the Nazis, as the Jews were forced to work for free. It was a very cramped ghetto, and it was one of the last ghettos to be liquidated. When Lodz was liquidated, the sick and weak were transported to Chelmo extermination camp, while the people who could work went to Aushwitz. Fall, 1944 - Daniel and his father are put in quarantine

In quarantine, Jews were forced to squeeze in with each other to sleep, and be counted outside at 4:30 am in the freezing cold. They were only given watery soup for lunch and were forced to stand outside in the blazing sun. Buchenwald - Jews from Auschwitz were marched to Buchenwald. People who fell or stumbled were shot immediately. When they arrived at a train station, they were shipped to Buchenwald, where they were lined up and registered. After being put in quarantine for a couple of weeks, they were sent to the barracks and given jobs.
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