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"Baseball" figurative language

No description

Dalton Halloran

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of "Baseball" figurative language

By: Dalton Halloran

"Baseball" Figurative Language
"The baseball flew into sight like a falling meteor."

I am comparing how fast the baseball came to the ground to the speed of a meteor falling to earth.
"The baseball was a rock as it hit my glove."

I am comparing the density of a base ball to the density of a rock.
"The ball jumped away from the bat with one touch".

The ball didn't actually jump from the bat, the batter just hit it hard.
"The baseball bumped the batters bat".

The batter hit the ball with his bat.
"I heard a "bam" as the ball landed the catchers hand."

The ball made a sound similar to how we say "bam" which is an onomatopoeia.
"The ball went 1million feet in the air."

The ball didn't really go 1 million feet in the air but it went noticeably high.
"The ball came out of the blue as I looked into the sky."

I was surprised when I saw the baseball in the sky.
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