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3D Movies

No description

Anna MacKay

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of 3D Movies

3D Movies Anna MacKay and Connor Challis History 1894 : William Friese Green, patent for 3D viewing experience and process two screens united in the viewers’ eyes by a stereoscopic headset. 1915 : the first 3D film was shown in NYC 1920 : the Power of Love movie was the first commercially screened 3D movie for an audience. 2004 : Imax’s first feature, Polar Bear Express, is the start to the latest 3D wave 1952-1955 : First 3D cinema boom period Images can enhance the movie experience Impacts on Society and the
Environment 3D Movies Cost More Production of glasses is harmful to the planet and do not decompose It can be a distraction
or cause discomfort Physics Concepts Stereoscopic Vision: three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina Polarising filters separate out two images; images for left eye are polarized on horizontal plane and images for right eye are polarized on vertical plane; therefore each eye has a slightly different perspective 3D movies are made using two lenses placed beside each other (like your eyes) or by generated computer images to copy this effect Brain takes images from both eyes and fuses them together, using the difference between the images to create a sense of depth Interesting Facts first demonstration of a 3D was of girls dancing in front of Niagra Falls William Friese Green (UK) was a leading pioneer of the 3D image in 1894; he was the first person to file a patent for a viewing device that combines 2 pictures in one Columbia Pictures was the first large company to produce a 3D film called Man in the Dark (1953) Alice in Wonderland grossed $116.1 million in the US on its first 3 days of showing, holding the record for biggest grossing weekend The most 3D movies to be released in a single year is 10, and the year was 2009
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