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The Abenaki Georgie's + Alex's prezi

the abenaki will rock your head

Beth Smith

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Abenaki Georgie's + Alex's prezi

By Alex And Georgie The Abenaki Where did they live? They lived in the eastern wood lands,
near New Hampshire. What were their resources? Woman's roles. The woman in the Abenaki tribe had jobs of
weaving, tending the crops, cooking, making birch
bowls/baskets, and tanning hides. The Abenaki's natural resources were
Trees for wood, animals for meat and skins, the creek for water and fishing, and many wild berries and herbs for medicine and food. Work of the Men in the Abenaki A man's Job is much different. They hunted, did warfare, cutting down trees for wood, and erecting frames for the longhouses. Clothing Leather pouches, fur coats, and deer skin. Crafts, Culture, and material. Snow snakes were a popular game for kids, hammocks that protect baby's while
there moms are working, and birch bark canoes.
for going over water and fishing. Houses, what did the live in? They lived in wigwams and longhouses. Like
it said in Men's work. they erected
frames for the houses. Tools and Weapons. they used knives, bow and arrows, and spears. to
hunt. They used pots, and bowls and baskets for
storing and gathering food Language and Communication The abenaki spoke the
language. Origin Stories A popular one
that is a published
book is Racoon's
Last race. Its about how raccoons go their
short legs. THAT'S
Thank you!! Bibliography
The Abenaki
By Colin
Northeast Indians
By Katherine and
Craig Doherty
Racoon's Last race
By Joesphand
James Burchac
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