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Hi :p

Natalie Righi

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Tumbling

You might want to be stretched out
before you start. Just roll out your wrist and use you hand to roll out your ankles. TUMBLING
By: Natalie Righi Basics Doing a cartwheel. First spreed your legs apart. Your belly button should be facing the way your feet are. Next twist your hips so that you can flip over. Put your arms up. Your hips should now be twisted. Next you but your arms/hands down they should touch the ground. Then flip your legs over. Back Bend First spreed your legs apart. Next put your
arms up. Then kinda bend back slow so you don't hurt your hands. Now that your in the back bend look up at you belly button and gently fall down. Tuck your head down. Round off This is just like a cart wheel. First spreed your legs apart. then put your arms up and twist your hips. Next put your arms /hands on the floor. kick over. Once you kick over and your legs are in the air put them together.
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