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Amigo Brothers

No description

Danielle McDowell

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Amigo Brothers

Amigo Brothers
The exposition is when the narrator is telling about Antonio and Felix.
Rising Action
Rising action Part 2
The Amigo Brothers decide to not train with each other anymore, so the best man could win.
Antonio Cruz (17)
Felix Vargas (17)
The narrator was telling about their frames and how they have to fight each other soon.
The rising action is when Antonio and Felix go out for their morning run.
When running Felix said,''Lets stop and take a brake.''
They decided not to hold punches and act like it is just another face.
The story takes place in Manhattan.
The climax is when the Amigo brothers fight their hardest and don't stop when the bell rings because they are far past hearing. The only way they are separated by cold water. They run towards each other and hug.
Falling Action
The falling action is after the fight was over the two boys embraced knowing it was a fair and even fight.
When the announcer was about to point to the winner the Amigo Brothers were walking away arm in arm
1.devastating- overwhelming


3.dispel-break up; make vanish


5.surge-rise and move forward
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