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Copy of Family-School-Community Partnership Proposal

No description

Anisa Reyna

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Family-School-Community Partnership Proposal

Learning does not stop when the
child leaves the school . . . Michael Garza Concerns: Year 1 Beyond the 1st Year Family-School-Community
Partnership How I have been recruiting
Participants: The Maverick Reconnect Project More than 20 People Interested 1st Meeting:
Address the high increase in student absences effecting academic achievement Conduct survey, analyze results Strengthen the Partnership It is the home that reinforces that learning And without that family involvement,
children are being cheated
out of half of their education.
Piedad F. Robertson Community School Family Parents Grandparents siblings teachers/classified administrators Buisness leaders Tribal Members students West Valley Community Campus Mother of the Year, Bobbie Jager Fliers
Personal conversations Family Liaisons: Greet new families
Set up daycare network Family Space in Library DATA: 2010-2012 Clearly states that there is a decline in student performance (need % from these years) Expand Family Nights Art Night Literacy
Night Carnival History night Resources : resume writing ADD/ADHD Computers - - Books - - Pamphlets Parenting Parenting Classes/
Family Workshops Monthly meetings Implement at least 2 ideas Open House at
end of year expand our ideas and activities Ultimate Goal More family involvement in their children's education extending and supporting at home learning Leads to more successful
students in and out
of the classroom A.C.T. (Action Committee Team) Set up subcommittees Michael Garza
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