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The Dutch educational system

An introduction

Gijs Palsrok

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of The Dutch educational system

Dutch Educational System 16.7 million inhabitants

1.6 million get basic ed.
112,000 get special ed.
530,000 get vocational ed.
414,000 get higher ed. (business)
237,000 get higher ed. (scientific) Schools following..

particular religious or pedagogic principles

have had equal state funding to public schools since 1917. Rudolf Steiner The system Primary education
age: 4-12 Dutch state schools follow general educational requirements as laid out by the state, but are given much leeway in teaching theory and philosophical foundations. Secondary education
age: 12-16
age: 12-17
age: 12-18 middle-level vocational ed.
4 years senior-level
vocational ed.
5 years pre-academic ed.
6 years vocational
university research
university VMBO
TL MBO - Regional Education Centre (ROC) 1-4 years Choose package of subjects (profile) Choose package of subjects (profile) culture & society
culture & economics
nature & health
nature & science culture & society
culture & economics
nature & health
nature & science alpha beta prepare for specific trades, crafts and careers health services, agriculture, ict, technique, economics on-the-job
training 4 yrs 12 yrs 16 yrs - VMBO 17 yrs - HAVO 18 yrs - VWO havo vwo HBO UNIVERSITY
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