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Nova Sera Final

No description

Kanysa Bartsch

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Nova Sera Final

Nova Sera The next generation in security SWOT Product

Strengths Weaknesses opportunities threats external Positive internal negitive Core Values Safety
Customer satisfaction
Ingenuity The Mission of our company is to create a secure, reliable door for a new generation with innovative locking systems while always keeping our customers in mind. Our vision is to expand our products to every neighborhood for a safe community and grow as a company to help lower prices for customers. 1. Purchase price or down payment if buying a business $0.00
2. Office furniture $500.00
3. Computer hardware and software $5,000.00
4. Setup, installation and consulting fees $500.00
5. Business cards and stationery $50.00
6. Decorating and remodeling $0.00
7. Fixtures, counters, equipment & Installation $1,000.00
8. Starting inventory, raw materials, tools, etc. $1,500.00
9. Deposits with public utilities $300.00
10. Legal and other professional fees $2,000.00
11. Business licenses and permits $200.00
12. Advertising and promotion for opening $3,000.00
13. Signage $200.00
14. Rent & security deposit (often equals 3 months rent) $1,000.00
15. Operating Cash $3,000.00
16. Other $500.00
Subtotal $18,750.00 One-Time Start-Up Costs Monthly Expenses
17. Salary of owner-manager (amount you need to pay yourself) $0.00
18. All other salaries, wages, & commissions $0.00
19. Payroll taxes or self-employment tax $0.00
20. Rent $300.00
21. Equipment lease payments $0.00
22. Advertising (print, broadcast and Internet) $400.00
23. Postage & shipping costs $1,000.00
24. Supplies (inks, toners, labels, paper goods, etc.) $100.00
25. Telephone $0.00
26. Utilities $200.00
27. Internet connection $100.00
28. Website hosting and maintenance $15.00
29. General business insurance $5,000.00
30. Business vehicle insurance $0.00
31. Health insurance $0.00
32. Interest & principal on loans & credit cards $800.00
33. Inventory, raw materials, parts $1,200.00
34. Legal and other professional fees $500.00
35. Franchise fee $0.00
36. Miscellaneous $1,000.00
Subtotal $10,615.00
Monthly expense for 12 months $127,380.00
One time start-up expense $18,750.00
Total start-up costs $146,130.00
Funding Loans
> Wells Fargo small business loan to cover start up and first 6 months
> additional loans will be taken if needed after the first 6 months

corporate investers diciplined
goal orientied
new entrepreneurs
financial dependency marketability
short selling season
future copyright conflicts Manufacturing
•be able to own, create, and produce all products in-house
•Buy our own building and production facilities
Company expansion
•Locally recognized: 4 years
•Nationally recognized: 10 years Future designs
•Pet doors
•Multiple doors using the same key
•Other door types
•Optional cosmetic designs
•Wiring integrated into home Winter Expenses Include:
1) Practice Prototypes
2) Additional Advertising
3) Outsourcing

Summer Expenses Include:
1) Home and Garden and Trade Shows
2) Traveling to Companies and Show Sites
3) Demonstrations of Prototypes for companies and potential buyers Marketing Techniques:
1) Commercials (starting local)
2) Home and Garden Magazines
3) Scientific Magazines
4) Trade and Remodeling Shows
5) Internet Site Location- Cathene's house in Rapid City will be the main building. Garage will be dedicated to building, and one room will have the computer and filing cabinet for the office. Cathene's parents have 100 acres of storage space in Missouri if extra storage space is needed. President
Vice President
Marketing Executive
Design Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Kanysa Bartsch
Thomas Morgan
Cathene Malin
Matthew Carriker
Forrest Lanier
Jeffrey Marshall Personnel Open Closed Marketing Targets:
1) Construction Companies
2) Home Improvement Stores – Home Depot, Menard’s, Lowe’s
3) Security Companies – ADT, Brinks
4) Private Consumers – Renovations
analysis The components will be fully enclosed within the door.
Only the power cable is connected to door.
Key fobs can be keyed to multiple doors.
Multiple key fobs can be keyed to one door. Operation:
Door remains locked when not in use.
When key fob comes in range of door, the door unlocks.
Owner goes through the door.
The door re-locks when: 1 minute after the key fob leaves the range of the door.
5 minutes after door last used.
The operation can be manually overridden to act just like a regular deadbolt. When key is used, the deadbolt holds itself open.
The deadbolt will have the same time delays as before.
The deadbolt, as seen, has a latch system to hold the deadbolt open. At this point the deadbolt will not operate until unlatched.
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