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Looking Back !

No description

Haya Abdelhadi

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of Looking Back !

Why is climate change happening ?
(( Connection to UAE ))
Does greenhouse gases affect on the climate ?
My Focus statement
Climate change is happening , humans are causing it , and i think perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us !
Climate Change
Most of the world Relies Fossil fuels for their energy needs
These changes affects people , plants and animals in many ways
Done by :-
Abdelhadi Khalid
Be a PART of solution!
What are the most visible signs of climate change ?
Can climate change harm plants or animals?
My Focus Questions
1. Why is climate change happening?
Connection to the world
Connection to Myself
Flowers are blooming earlier in spring , while some animals are migrating at different times
Greenhouse effect helps making the earth warm enough for us to live
Grade :-

Eight B
Everyone uses energy , Everyone should be a part of solution!
Is climate change the same as global warming ?
No, there is a big difference between Climate change and Global warming ,
Most experts now use the term ( Climate Change ) For many reasons :

The main reason is because it gives a more complete picture of the changes that are happening
Why the earth's climate changed now not before ?
Is it a problem if the earth's average temperature getting warmer , colder than usual?
Temperature plays an important role in how nature works !

and same parts of the world are warming alot more than average temperature around the world is rising

Today UAE has changed. Now there are many modern airports in every emirate. Dubai international airport became the best airport in the world, also now there are many modern streets and cars in every house.

As we see UAE has changed very fast. In my point of view if anybody asked me which live do you prefer the life of the UAE in the past or today ? my answer will be ofcourse today.

2. Is climate change the same as global warming?
3. Can climate change harm plants and animals?
4. Does Greenhouse gases affect on the climate?
5. Why the earth's climate changed now not before?
6. Is it a problem if the earth's average getting warmer , colder , than usual?
7. What are the most visible signs ?
8. What can we do to stop climate ... ?
In the

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