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Fashion Timeline 1900 to 2000

No description

Emma S

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Fashion Timeline 1900 to 2000

Women wore full skirt dresses and the girls copied the women's style. Men wore suits and hats, the boy's liked to have their own style. Women wore blouses and long skirts. Men wore pressed suits and short hair. Girls kinda copied the woman and wore similar clothes. Boys wore t-shirts, jeans, short jackets, and collared shirts.
The 1960s were much different from the years before, their were bright colors, capes, and short skirts. It was all about bright colors, for the woman it was like a competition for who could show more skin. Men wore capes and tunics. The fashion was crazy!!
In 9010 corsets, frills, and suits developed into hobble skirts, bold stripes, and short hair (men). It was a big difference compared to the fancy clothing they wore in the 1900s. Tight waists turned into straight lines, the clothing definitely had to have been more comfortable. Men cut their hair short and wore ties, crisp shirts, and high collars. Women started wearing hobble skirts, they wore hats with feathers, and wore their hair up. They made a big change from the 1900s.
In 1930 the woman's boyish look became a curvy look. They wore long skirts that showed off their curvy hips and they wore shirts that showed their curves. The men's flashy look evolved into tailored suits that created the look of large torso's and they padded their shoulders. When The Great Depression happened though men couldn't afford the nice suits.
Many women wore dresses for every occasion, even when they went to bed the wore a nightgown. When doing sports they would wear blouses with skirts. Men wore fancy tuxedos and nice clothing. In the 1900s the fashion style for women was to show off a w omen's torso. For men it represented a time of tuxes, canes, coats, trousers, and more.
Fashion Timeline 1900 to 1990, 2014
In 1920 women dropped their tight clothes and gave them up for a tom-boyish and comfy look. They wore suits with skirts, sportswear, flashy clothes in the evening. Men started wearing striped suits, which describes the flashy clothing that they wore. They were more comfy also and in style.
Women's dresses got shorter and they wore clothes that gave them narrow hips and square shoulders. Their style was improving. The men wore baggy pants and wore jackets that gave them square shoulders. The women wore lots of floral too. Young boys wore high-waisted pants and penny loafers. The clothes were much more comfortable.
The 1970s are known as "Disco Fashion". Women wore platform heels, bell bottoms, tie dye shirts, and skirts in 3 different lengths. Men wore polyester suits, bell bottoms, and loud printed shirts. The fashion was crazy colorful in the 70s.
Men wore leisure suits and plaid pants. Women wore hoops and bright sunglasses. The 1980s were a mix between the 50s and the 70s. They're were still bright colors, but there was still dark browns and whites.
Fashion n the 90s was loose fitting and colorful clothes. Many people wore flannel, grew their hair out, ripped jeans, and camouflauge. Teenagers wore baseball caps in many different styles. A little bit later in the 90s looking like you were rich became popular again.
Fashion has evolved a lot from the 1900s. Teenagers wore name brands, jeans, sneakers, high-tops, Uggs, sweatpants, and hoodies. Jewelry and makeup is common for women and teenagers, even some kids. Business men wore suits and business woman wore pantsuits, pencil skirts and blouses. Boys wore jerseys, sneakers, jeans, basketball shorts, sweats, and hoodies. Stay home moms and dads wore sweats or casual clothes.
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