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4 types of sentences

A sentence is a complete thought. We have four types of sentences: Statements, Exclamations, Commands and Questions.

Joel Crowley

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of 4 types of sentences

SENTENCES A sentence is a complete thought. Declarative interrogative form a statement are the sentences that form a question Gabby sees a tall statue of
Mr. Campbell on a horse. Where is Mr. Crowley Exclamatory Imperative make a command or request Shows powerful feelings, or emotions Ouch! That coffee is hot! YES! I love
star lab! What do you think I should wear the pink shoes or the white sneakers? Did you go to the movies yesterday? Bring me some coffee. Leave that cat alone. Go to the store for me. Yesterday I left school early. She did not want to eat
the pizza that I gave her.
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