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Migrant Workers

AICE Global Perspectives

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers
What are the local and global issues concerning the exploitation of migrant workers?
Melinda Thirion
How can we define migrant workers?
To broadly define, a migrant worker is simply one who works outside of his/her home country.
What are the perpetual issues of migrant workers?
Hazardous working conditions
Resulting from:
1. Poor nutrition
2. Low-income status
3. Unfamiliarity with culture
4. Lack of sanitation
5. An unawareness
Migrant Workers in Southwest Florida
"Today, Immokalee is comprised primarily of Hispanics and Latinos, who make up 73 percent of the population; “some other race” is 41.3 percent; whites are 27 percent; and blacks are 22.1 percent. Only a third of Immokalee’s residents is a high school graduate or higher, compared with a national average of 85 percent. A third of families are also below the poverty level; nationally that figure is 10 percent."
-New York Times
Specifically, Immokalee
A Closer Look...
"The study concentrates on the Homestead–Immokalee corridor of South Florida where, during the peak of the harvest from October to May, more than 20,000 Mexican farmworkers participate in the agricultural industry. The study found that in 2010, farmers in Florida sold agricultural commodities for more than $7.6 billion, creating a positive direct and indirect impact on the state's economy."
Gaytan, Jose A., Mexican Migrant Farmworkers’ Impact on South Florida: A Case Study in the Context of US-Mexican Relations" (2013).Open Access Dissertations.Paper 968.
Is it really worth it?
The wait
The work
The housing
The truth
What's being done?
Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Fair Food Program
Anti-Slavery Campaign
Campaign for Fair Food
Taking a global stance
According to the International Labour Organization:
-As of 2014, there were an estimated 232 million international migrants in the world.
The rural workforce in China surged to 261.6 million as of 2012. The number of migrant workers who left the countryside in search for jobs in cities reached 163.36 million, accounting for 12.6 percent of China's total population.
Migrant workers comprise 94% of all its workers and 86% of its total population of 2 million.
The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) estimates that around 500,000 to 1 million additional foreign construction workers will be required to help build an estimated US$220 billion worth of hotels, stadiums, other facilities, and infrastructure by 2022.
There is a total of 5.31 million migrant workers as of 2012, and this makes up 40% of the workforce.
The largest of cities generate enormous amounts of income, yet perpetually impose high taxes in accompany with low wages on the copious amounts of migrant workers in its country.
The Issue
Lack of agreement
Policy disputes
Minimal enforcement
Human Rights
Low wages
Business and consumer needs
Ideas of success
Gives status
Potential Solutions
Public Awareness
Inform the public on the dangers and harsh conditions in which migrant workers endure.
This will result in:
Better treatment
Pay raises
Living conditions improved
Government Involvement
Increase political involvement and awareness in order for better policies to be put into place.
Lower the cost of living
Create worker's rights
Well-known businesses shall come together and find ways to benefit the migrant workers by managing to provide them with a larger income.
Paying more for products
Awareness of the origin of products
Donating money
Non-Profit Organizations
Establish more non-profit organization groups, emulating the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.
Aid in access to food, places to sleep, heal, etc.
Provide free supplies
Expand the Coalition of Immokalee Workers
My Solution
Government Involvement
With the government's more interactive involvement, the lives of the migrant workers will better drastically. This involvement will lead to an enforcement, and that enforcement will need to be monitored in order to best improve their lives.
What to do?
Create new policies.
Improve and stricken existing policies.
Random inspections by the National Center for Farm Workers.
Ensure a higher income housing facility.
Implement laws ending the workers' abuse.
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US 1449
Eliminate Encouraging Factors
Promote economic development and good governance in countries where workers are emigrating, particularly Latin America to get rid of the push-pull factors that encourage illegal immigration.
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