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Shading Techniques

Looking at Blending, Stippling, Hatching and Cross-Hatching

Miss T

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Shading Techniques

What is the difference between these two images?
The first step is to SEE how the light falls on three dimensional surfaces. We must then reproduce this on our papers.
There are many ways to create shadow and highlight when shading.
1. Shading with stippling
2. Shading with hatching/cross-hatching
3. Shading with pencil
Applying many dots of ink/ pencil. The dots are gradually applied and grouped together to form an image. Basically, the closer the dots, the darker the tones and the further the dots are apart, the lighter the tones.
HATHING- This technique refers to when lines are placed side by side
CROSS-HATCHING- This technique refers to when lines are layered over each other
Blending with pencil:
This is done when the artist pencil is smoothed over with the blending stump to create subtle tonal transitions
Portrait 'Quilt' Project
'Self' -Variety Shading Series
Potential Projects
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