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No description

fainne martin

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Invoicing

Budget Continuation sheet Invoice arrives at office by mail, fax or email. Office invoices are entered into Quickbooks
as bills. Identify invoice as job cost or office cost
Job Cost Invoices get put in black inbox for Len to assign the job & the phase to. Office invoices are put in
an alphabetical file index on desk until they are paid Office bills should be paid promptly
Once job invoices have been phased & assigned to the appropriate job, the invoice gets scanned in the Neat scanner
In the Neat Scan system the invoice is identified by vendor, date, number & then job, the current draw, and phase number. Job Invoices that are paid by Chaston must get entered in Quickbooks and given the same identification as they have Neatworks. Job invoices in Quickbooks get paid after we have been reimbursed for their payment. 1. To begin an invoice, choose the job and draw in Neatworks
2. Double check invoices against the amounts and phases that have been entered.
3. Export report into Excel
4. In Excel, sort the vendors by phase.
5. Create a clear report of phase amount, with the vendor detail.
6. Use this information to fill out the continuation sheet. Issues:
1. We need to be able to archive invoices in a system
that makes it easy to find invoices again, even a year after they have been processed.
2. 1.Len updates the budget in the cont. sheet
2.Enter the current draw amounts in the appropriate phases. Draw Summary: Update the draw summary once the continuation sheet is done. Draw Summary
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