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Price tags v.s Price stamps

A new way to help the environment

Zachary Kerst

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Price tags v.s Price stamps

Double click anywhere & add an idea Zak Kerst
Period: 1 Price tags on clothing are polluting our environment. The multiple price tags that are on clothing is normally ripped off the bought item and is thrown out or dropped onto the ground. When we throw these price tags away they will pollute the environment and will be harmful to animals, for example a bird may think the plastic part from a price tag is a worm and it may try to eat it, as a result the bird may end up choking; The plastic part on price tags cannot decompose so they will just bury into the Earth or will end up in the ocean. People are responsible for this issue and we are responsible for preventing it. That’s why our population will change the price tags to price stamps Price stamps are a washable ink that will be stamped into the clothing you buy to display the price It is much simpler to deal with, rather than ripping plastic and paper off your clothing. Besides, you have the possible chance of putting a hole in your brand new clothing if you’re not careful enough when you remove the price tag. This may not seem like a major difference, but when millions of people change from price tags to price stamps it will make a difference.
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