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7th Grade Scales, Proportions, and Ratios

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Jessica Barrett

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of 7th Grade Scales, Proportions, and Ratios

Classwork Scales are used everyday.
What are some things that use scales? Scales Similar figures have scales. Similar figures look exactly the same, the only difference is that one figure is bigger or smaller than the other. Similar Figures Scales with different units Many things need to be converted such as Degrees, Recipes, Heights, Lengths, Widths.... etc. Word Problem On a map, the scale is 1 cm = 8 miles. The actual distance between two cities is 256 miles. What is the distance between these cities on the map? Jacob made a drawing of his land using a scale 1 inch = 14 yards. The actual length of his land is 84 yards long. What is the length of Jacob’s land in the drawing? I can find the dimensions of figures when given a scale and identify the impact of a scale on actual length and area. Mrs. Barrett
7th Grade Math
January 29, 2013 We know that these two figures are similar triangles. So we know that their corresponding sides have the same ratio. Classwork Find the length of the missing side. 1. 2. What is the proportion they give you??? Inch to Feet Write out the scale Ratio: Build a proportion: Solve for the missing quantity. cross multiply Solve for the variable 1. 2. The scale on a set of blueprints of a house is 1 in. = 3 ft. On the blueprint, one of the bedrooms measures 3.75 in. wide and 4.5 in. long. What is the perimeter of the actual bedroom? Perimeter is to add all the side lengths together.
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