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technology 1st period 7th grade

Maggie Xia

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Amazon

Amazon Employment
Amazon hires people like interns and college graduates, such as entrepreneurial graduates.
The company's goal is to "hire the brightest minds from universities around the globe."
Amazon also hires undergraduates for marketing, finance, advertising, sales, and planning to assist them in earning degrees.
Amazon Employment Continued
Amazon provides jobs in:
Machine Learning Science
Research Science
Software Development
Data Science
Customer Service
Flight Specialists (for delivering products)
Amazon Employment Continued
What Benefits Can Come From Working For Amazon?
Amazon Product Line
Amazon now owns and is preparing to operate unmanned aircraft for deliveries for
Prime Air
Amazon website buys and sells items on their website as well as their own products.
Amazon owns and operates Amazon Prime.
Founder and History
Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur
Is the founder and chief executive of Amazon
Born Jan 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
While still in high school, developed Dream Institute
1986- Graduated from Princeton with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science
Worked in Shaw&Co New York and was in charge of examining the investment possibilities on the internet
By: Maggie , Alex , Cassie, Taze, Declan, and Jinho
1994 Quit Shaw&Co New York
Began developing software for Amazon
Worked in the garage with a handful of employees
Sold first book in July 1995
Site is user friendly 24 hours a day, every day
If you work for Amazon as an undergrad, Amazon will provide you with various degrees.
Amazon also provides students with PhD's.
Also for students, jobs from Amazon can provide experience for jobs in the future and will look good on resumes.
1994- Jeff Bezos makes his company and calls it Cadabra.com
1995- Amazon launches as a bookstore
1996- Amazon launches the Associate Program
1997- Amazon starts trading/ selling sock for $18 per share
1998- Starts selling CD's and DVDs
1999- Starts fulfillment centers around the United States
2000- Starts selling toys and other products
2001- Introduces In-Store pickup
2002- Opens Apparel and Accessories Store
2003- Opens and starts selling sports relaed goods
2005- Launches Amazon Prime
Amazon is an "Everything Store"
Amazon Products Continued
Amazon Prime
Free 2-day shipping for members
-no minimum order size
-unlimited deliveries
Instant video
-watch on more than 600 devices
-take anywhere with the kindle fire
-over 40,000 choices of TV and movies
Prime Music
-ad-free access to over 1,000,000 songs
-custom-built playlists
Amazon Products Continued
Amazon Prime continued
Amazon Trade Line
Shel Kaphan was Amazon's first employee, but later quit.
Amazon started from Jeff's garage
There was a lichen book that saved Amazon. Book distributors required 1 book be ordered at a time, but Amazon only needed one so they kept ordering a lichen book that was always out of stock.
Barnes and Nobles wanted to launch their own website that would crush Amazon but failed.
Jeff expected employees to work 60 hour weeks.
Amazon tried to build an auction site, but failed.
Jeff Bazos only employed high IQ people.
The kindle's code name was Fiona.
Jeff is known for his temper and would often explode at employees.
Amazon has become a company worth 34.8 Billion dollars.
Amazon is #24 on Forbe's Most Valuable Brands list.
Amazon.com started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDs, VHSs, CDs, Video and MP3 downloads/streaming, etc...
The company also produces consumer electronics, Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Fire TV and Fire phone.
These are the major provider of cloud computing services of Amazon.
Unlimited photo storage
-photos are safe in Amazon Cloud
-accessible anywhere
-accessible on different devices
Early Access
-30-minute early access to sales and deals
-over 500,000 free ebooks
-borrow one free book a month

Amazon Products continued
Overview of Products
Amazon Fire TV
Fire TV stick
Home & Garden Tools
Athletic Clothing
Sports equipment
Fire phone
App store
Digital books
Beauty products
Diet plans
Car parts and
Cloud drive
Movies & TV
Toys for kids
Toys for infants
Amazon Products continued
Amazon Products Overview Continued
New mothers club/
Kindle, kindle fire,
kindle paperwhite,...
Credit payment
clothing for men
and women
Accessories for men and women
assorted electronics
food or gourmet meals can be ordered froAmazon that are already prepared
Luckerson, Victor. Time.com.11/14/2014,pN.PAG.1p
Amazon Trade Continued
Internet Movie Database
Abe Books
Alexa Internet
Amazon China
Lab 126
Reflexive Entertainment
Double Helix Gaming
Brilliance Audio
Push Button
Separation of Amazon
Ride Shop
Running Gear
Men's Wear
Women's wear
books and games
sport wear
(Pretty much a mini amazon)
Amazons Competitors
Big lots
Amazons Biggest competitors
Its a given that Apple is one of the biggest Competitors, but with the new Amazon tablet that just came out, the
Fire HD
, They are competing even more now.
Both have tons of product and "shelf space" which is why Amazon bought them
With Amazon being a retailer also, Walmart is the biggest Retailer in the world, Amazon competes to get more sales every day.
Amazon Trade Continued
Beginning of Trade

The operation/ supplement

Amazon has started to separated retail websites almost all around the world.
Also in 2011, amazon had professed an intention to launch its websites in Poland and Sweden.
Today, amazon provides almost every products that they can sell.
Amazon.com had many problems to success their business.
Basically about the operation of company, neccessaries of the new products, etc..
Amazon first began to work on their online websites to be user-friendly.
Amazon.com added the new product categories and new businesses, spending money on brand awareness and attracting new customers, and making sure Amazon survives in a new Internet-based economy.
Amazon Trade Continued

These are some of the biggest retailers in the world and some of Amazon's biggest competitors.
These are some of the biggest in the world
Data Science
Customer Service
Flight Specialists (for delivering products)
Amazon Employment Continued
Amazon provides jobs in (Contiued):
Amazon.com also lanched kindle in 2007 for the first product they made.
After less than two years of operation, Amazon.com became a public company in 1997 with an initial public offering (IPO).
Within a month of launching the web site, amazon.com had filled orders from 50 states and 45 other countries.
The End!
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