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Untitled Prezi

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Monica Joy Non

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Xs are normally Ys. 
A is an X. (Where A is abnormal.)
Therefore, A is a Y.
Rockstars have long hair.
Monica has a long hair.
Therefore, Monica is a rockstar.
In short. note Examples When we presume the applicability of generalizations to individual cases that it does not properly govern.
Lahat ng may bigote macho.
SI Eunice may bigote.Dahil diyan, si Eunice ay macho.

Kapag kumakain ng maasim, nangangasimSi Teo ay nangangasim dahil masakit tiyan niyaDahil diyan, si teo ay kumain ng maasim

Trinaydor ako ng huling boyfriend ko
Kaya masasabi ko lahat ng lalaki traydor.

Ung teacher ko sa Statistics nakakaantok magturo
Kaya lahat ng Statistics teacher nakakantok magturo.
CONVERSE ACCIDENT This is the deceptive use of generalizations.
Also called as “Sweeping Generalizations” FORM MORE EXAMPLES This is just the opposite of the definition of accident, if in accident there is an improper generalizations of the particular then in here, the particular are being generalized.

It is also refer to as "Hasty Generalization" Be careful on generalizations, no matter how plausible it is do not apply everything to the particular cases.
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