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Fan Demographics

No description

Anthony H

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Fan Demographics

Pro Baseball Fan Demographics average age of fans are 17-50 INCOME
43% of adults who earn 75K-99k are baseball fans
47% of adults who earn 100k are baseball fans
33% of adults who earn 33k or less are baseball fans GENDER
56% of baseball fans are males
44% of baseball fans are females EDUCATION LEVEL
11% of baseball fans are students
19% of baseball fans are high school graduate
14% of baseball fans have some college
42% of baseball fans are undergraduate
14% of baseball fans are postgraduate
69% of baseball fans own a house Pro Football Fan Demographics The average age of pro football fans
is 12-54 64% of football fans are males and 36% are females INCOME OF FOOTBALL FANS
17% of football fans has an income
under 20k.15% of football fans has income
between 21k-29k. 30% of football fans has a income of 30k-49k. 38% of football fans has an income 50k or above. Education Level of football fans
10% of football fans are 6-12
14% of football fans had some high
28% of football fans graduate high
18% of football fans had some college
27% of fans had graduate a 4 year
60% of all football fans own a house Pro Hockey Fan Demographics 67% of hockey fans are males
33% of hockey fans are females The average age of is 25-54 Education Level Of Pro Hockey Fans
6% are less then a high school graduate.
31% are a high school graduate.
37% have some college.
26% are college graduate. Income of pro hockey fans
11% have an income of 20k or bellow
34% have an income of 21%-50k
21% have an income of 51k-75k
35% have an income of 76k or above 64% of pro hockey fans own a house
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