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Environmental Science EOC Study Guide

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on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Environmental Science EOC Study Guide

1) What are the six phase changes of water? 2) Which picture shows heat being added to the atmosphere? 3) In what layer of the atmosphere does weather occur and why? 4) Why does the temperature of the stratosphere increase with altitude? 5) Complete the carbon cycle correctly. _carbon in Atmosphere _carbon in fossil fuels _carbon in plant(due to photosynthesis) _carbon in animal(due to eating plant) _carbon released from burning fossil fuels _animal death 6) Where is most of the earths nitrogen found? 7) What is the major source of energy for the constant recycling of elements at earths surface? 8) Define Biotic & Abiotic list three examples
of each 9) Define and list examples of each Biome 10) What is the 10% rule as it relates to the energy pyramid example: If Krakens are fed 6,000 kilograms of fish each year, what mass of Godzillas could be supported by Krakens, according to the 10% rule 11) Define carrying capacity. What data indicates carrying capacity has been reached? 12) Godzillas prey on Krakens. The Godzilla population in a particular Tokyo city ecosystem became extinct. What will most likely happen to the Kraken population? 13) If a forest was burned and all the species of plants were destroyed, in which order would the following plants to re-emerge over time?
Also, define pioneer species and climax species. perennial herbs and shrubs hardwood species softwood tree species annual plant species biennial plants and grasses 14) What would be the biggest worry that coastal city have in the future if green house gasses are not halted from being emitted into the earth's atmosphere? 15) Draw a food web that include detrivors (decomposers). 16) What is
Why do animals hibernate? 17) In the following food web what do the arrows and there direction mean? 18) Describe three things that an invasive species population might do to a native species population once introduced to that native species environment. watch the video... 19) What would be affected by a fat soluble pesticide: Plants, Animals, Fungi, or Bacteria? Why so?
Also, define soluble. 20) Study the solar radiation diagram below: pay close attention to the energy absorbed by the earth versus the energy reflected prior to hitting the surface. 21) How is a resource determined to be renewable or non-renewable? Name at least 5 factors. 22) In preparation for your test review the following: If you don't, it will show... jewellschool.org >Environmental Science > EVS Powerpoints > Final.PDF Final
Guide Environmental Science
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