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How to Make a Video Game

Ma epic Prezi

Aidan Godwin

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Make a Video Game

Getting the Ideas Your ideas must be something gamers will like.no one likes a copyer so dont copy other games or no one will buy it. characters most players love a game with a story, but first you need some characters. This is one of the hard parts that you must not rush! What are we going to make? Types of games:
and a lot more! your characters need to be intresting and very good for a story. Just like books characters, your characters are going to need a name them and a basic idea about what they can and cant do befor the story comes in to place. -Good guy
the good is all was happy and most of the time the main character.
Bad guy
the bad guy can also be the vilan or a enamme and is all was doing some thing ban or evil (hints the name bad guy) GOOD BAD after you chose one of this you can move on
to the next step! after you get that done its time for the big part! The story The bad part THE STORY the problem the end begining the soletion its good to show the player the robes in this part of the story this is where the bad thing that you need to fix happends this is the part of the story where the player fixs the problem you show the end and roll the credits game play controls items or tools the controls must be easy to learn the items and tools must be EPIC movement needs to look like it is real needed not needed but good attakes attakes need to look real and not stif money you may need money and it need to
make sens. It could be gold or dollers
or anything! ART avertising making a tralier or cormarshal is a good
way to start How to Make a Video Game programming you can use
and many more The finshed game you are now done and ready to sell and make hestory! sals places companys -mirosoft
and mush more! -EBgames
and many more Great Job!!! if you have falowd this steps and tested you game to work out the bugs. You should have a great game! other stuff can be added money is good for upgrade stuff in you game to make the game easyer great job and tanks!
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