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Dina & Nusswan Dalal

No description

Casey Lee

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Dina & Nusswan Dalal

Dina Dalal & Nusswan Schroff
A Fine Balance
by Rohinton Mistry
Casey Lee
Remy Mink
Sergiy Bruksha
Stephen Spinali
Sarah Cynn
Emily Hirsch
Nusswan Schroff (continued)
June 26, 1975 - March 21, 1977
Prime Minister Gandhi declared state of emergency to rule by decree
Reasons: war with Pakistan, 1973 oil crises, and the bad economy
Poverty shown in characters and setting
Gandhi gave herself the power to crack down on civil liberties and political opposition
Police forces given power to arrest or detain any protesters or strike leaders
Insight of village life (slums) vs. city life
The Emergency
view on Emergency shifts from apathy to disdain
initially not concerned with the Emergency
upset with current government and court system
different from Mrs. Gupta & Zenobia
shift results from her relationship with Ishvar & Om
not all of upper-class supported the Emergency
breaks free of gender stereotypes, especially in India
no arranged marriage
chooses to remain a single woman, despite the economic hardship
Dina Dalal (continued)
Dina Dalal
Dina: in need of stable money source and tailors to sew the quota of dresses assigned by Mrs. Gupta
Ishvar and Om (tailors): in need of paying job
Maneck: in need of place to stay during college
Serves as a connector - is able to tie Nusswan, Ruby, Maneck, Ishvar and Omprakash together
Nusswan Schroff
head of the house
very selfish
have a family with his wife Ruby
how others perceived him
well-educated and successful business man
his goal is to make money, unlike his father
seen as upper-class in society, similar to Mrs. Gupta
has very little sympathy for the poor, lower-class people
Dina's older brother and father-like figure
After their father died, he took on the responsibility of caring for his sister
portrayed as antagonistic
strict but his actions are justified
Makes sure Dina isn't seen as a charity case
disciplined her, sometimes with force
his few nice actions are based on how he wants people to perceive him
searches for husband for Dina
Stephen Spinali
Sarah Cynn, Remy Mink
Casey Lee
Sergiy Bruksha,
Emily Hirsch
We love AP Lang!
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