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All about me

No description

Brooke Walters

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of All about me

Who fired first? Joseph Warren sent a letter to Franklin with 21 sworn depositions that the British fired first. Secondary source
Paul Revere told Allyn and Bacon that he saw the British fire first. Author Howard Fast wrote in his book that the British fired first.
Mulliken was a witness along with thirty four other colonists that were minute men all swore the British fired first. John Robbins
was a colonist and was wounded in Lexington James Barrett gave a statement that the British fired first, he was the colonal of concord militia. Alice Stearns Abbott
was the sister of a colonist
soldier doesn't know who shot first.
Lieutenant Barker
wrote in his journal that the colonist had fired first . London Gazette secondary source
said Lieutenant Smith a "British Soldier"
claims that the colonist fired first. Striles (Yale President)
was told by Major Pitcairn
"British" that he believed colonist had fired first. Ensign Lister (Primary source) who was a British soldier said the colonists fired first. Lieutenant Col. Francis
sent a letter from Thomas Gage saying
orders were given for the British not to fire.
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