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PED4174A Computer Studies

No description

Lawrence Wong

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of PED4174A Computer Studies

Computer Engineering Technology, TEJ4M Grade - 12
Unit - Networking Concepts

Overall Expectation:
TEJ4M A4. Demonstrate an understanding of network addressing and routing.

Specific Expectation:
TEJ4M A4.3 Describe IP addressing and subnetting strategies for IP networks (e.g., borrowing bits, calculating number of subnets and hosts, determining specific subnet address range). Overview

The concept of IP Addressing and Subnetting was taught over a period of 3 weeks
Students were expected to perform IP Address and Subnetting calculations by hand
As a culminating activity, students were taught how to perform the task using an online IP Subnet Calculator Why were students taught how to calculate by hand?

Good question!
In the real-world, it is essential for network administrators to understand IP Addressing
The same arguement holds in math: by learning how to perform a calculation using technology only, students may be "passive observers"
For this lesson:

Video overview of Data Networking
IP Subnet Calculator Key Concepts
Perform a small Network Planning task using an Online IP Subnet Calculator
Look at an assignment I gave to my TEJ4M students Video overview of Data Networking: Network Planning Task:

You started a company and have 50 employees with laptops, 1 IP Router, 1 mail server, 2 print servers and 1 web server
You called your service provider and purchased a block of IP Addresses:
How many usable IP Addresses do you have?
What IP Addresses will you assign to your 55 devices?
How many IP Addresses will you have left over?
http://www.subnet-calculator.com/ A look at an Assignment I
gave to my TEJ4M Students

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