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Transcript of Bigfoot

Uncovering... BIGFOOT Almas Chuchunaa Orang Pendek Sasquatch Yeren Yowie Indian Yeti Meh-Teh Maricoxi Windigo Florida Skunk Ape Nquoi Rung Mapinguary Is Bigfoot Real? Bigfoot Physical Description Bigfoot is a very tall, large and hairy creature seen throughout the world. Bigfoot ranges from seven to twelve feet tall and weigh anywhere from four hundred to one thousand pounds. Their fur colors from black, brown, grey and reddish brown. They have left footprints ranging between twelve to twenty-two inches long and five to eleven inches wide. They also have a very bad odor. Bigfoot Diet acorns
domestic corn
small animals Bigfoot Shelters Huts of sticks and logs
caves Types of Bigfoot Bigfoot Yeti Southern Sasquatch Honey Island Swamp Monster Genoskwa First Bigfoot sightings The first written sighting of Bigfoot was in 986 AD by the explorer Leif Ericson he called the creature “Wildman.” Leif Ericson described the Wild man as “horribly ugly, hairy, swarthy and with big black eyes.” Another early written sighting is from 1811 where a man in Jasper, Alberta, Canada saw a strange creature roaming in the forest not far from the settlement. The first Bigfoot “attack” was reported in 1924 Washington State. Miners reported attacks of stones being thrown at their cabins and large foot prints. Bigfoot Evidence Footprint Hair Sample Much evidence has been found but, there were only footprints and hair samples. My Bigfoot theory My theory is that Bigfoot is an ape that has evolved to walk on two legs . Many theories are involved with something along the lines of this. Most physical descriptions ant pictures show a hairy ape like creature. Although their footprints resemble humans the face and body looks like an ape. They could have evolved from gorillas or orangutangs. Gorillas and orangutangs can almost walk like humans. Bigfoots also have the same hair colors as apes. Based on this physical and video evidence I have provided one can clearly see that Bigfoot is real. But, what do you think????? BIGFOOT
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