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16.02.15 version - Digital Transformation presentation

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Dominic Potter

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of 16.02.15 version - Digital Transformation presentation

Where Digital transformation leads to?
Many channels, many journeys but ONE BRAND
Example of omnichannel customer experience
Site upgrade & focused campaigns
Mobile/tablet sales
01-Jul-2012 - 12-Jan-2013
01-Jul-2014 - 12-Jan-2015
Expanding online reach
Mobile advertising campaigns
Fit advisor Usage Overview
Dec 3 2014 - Feb 17 2015
Average unique interactions approx 1500 uses per week.
Live chat
Merchant feeds for Trade Customers
Alexandra’s Merchant feeds for Trade customers gives 24/7 access to product information, images and stock availability at the click of a button.

Utilizing the same technology and information which powers our website, the feeds run on a 12 hour cycle helping to ensure data is as accurate as possible

We have made all of the below information about our products and much more available to customers who download the feeds:

Colour Family
Size Chart
Stock Quantity
Style colour
Wash temp
Product name
Wash type
Size measure
For sensitivity purposes we have created two separate feeds; one which displays the latest stock levels and one which simply gives an overview of availability

The feeds have been used by our customers to serve a variety of purposes, from updating their own internal records to powering entire new websites

Try it yourself

Download the latest feeds today:
Trade Customer Feed (with stock levels)
Trade Customer Feed (stock availability only)
Social media
Active content distribution from August 2014

1780 followers on Linkedin
Online retailers
Social media
.EU sites
Email Personalisation
Live chat
Photography / Video
Online retailers
Multilevel accounts
Additional price bands
.eu sites
SDL & Email personalisation
Personalised experience
Invitation to chat based on behaviour
Live chat
Photography / Video
International presence
Design and fitting service
Customer reviews and loyalty schemes
Content development
Delivery & returns service
Product training videos
Alexandra history
10% of visitors on alexandra.co.uk used Fit Advisor
Fit Advisor users contributed to 13% of the online revenue
December 2014 - February 2015
What is Digital Transformation?
"Digital Transformation is the journey from where a company is, to where it aspires to be digitally."
Ben Davis @ econsultancy
Fit Advisor
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