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Can Background Noise Levels Affect How We Concentrate?


Soft Chaisuwan

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Can Background Noise Levels Affect How We Concentrate?

Can Background Noise Affect How Well We Concentrate? By: Amy Lim Background Information Overall, all the people that I tested all trouble focusing on their work with noise around them. So, the next time you study, don't have any noise to distract you. Make sure the people you study with will study with you, and NO MUSIC. Conclusion What helps concentration levels? What Doesn't help with Concentration Concentration
working in your room
no music
silent environment
no electrical devices Doesn't help
loud environment
music on
electrical devices on
people talking
outside noise Concentration is the ability to direct one's thinking in a direction a person would intend. I experimented on Soft, Katherine and Samia. I tested how they reacted to background noise while they worked on their homework and projects. Experiment Katherine's Experiment Without any distractions, Katherine finished her homework quickly. She focused without any issues or distractions.
But with music playing, Katherine kept humming and singing. She couldn't think straight and it took longer to finish her homework than without any music playing. Soft's Experiment Soft is a better person to experiment on because she has ADHD.Without anything to distract her, she could zoom through her reading carefully. Soft could visualize the story in her mind with ease.
With earbuds in her ears, she could only listen to the music. She couldn't focus on her reading. Soft would take twice as long reading the book without comprehending anything she was reading. Samia's Experiment Without any music to get her off task, she finished what she had to do in less than 30 minutes. She didn't have anything to pull her away from her studies, so it didn't take long.
With music on and people around her to distract her, she only talked to the people around her. The music made her mind tune out and she could only focus on the music. Sometimes the music lyrics would inspire her, but that didn't happen a lot. It took her awhile for her complete her task.
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