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Creating a network of purpose

Tutor/mentor Connection

Byeonghui Kim

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Creating a network of purpose

Creating a Network of purpose
- Tutor/Mentor Connection
First, What is T/MC??
The goal of T/MC is to connect inner city teens with adults who will act as tutors, mentors, coaches advocates and friends.
In addition, T/MC's strategy is to build a web library pointing to the work done in many different programs in Chicago and around the country. While this can be used by leaders in Chicago, it can also be used to support the growth of Tutor/mentor programs in other cities.
So, leaders can borrow ideas from many places, not just T/MC model.

I'll introduce the 8 steps to create this network. We called this a Tutor/Mentor Learning Network(TMLN).
Rather than just focus on what non profit leaders can do, the T/MC focuses on what business, media, faith and political leaders can do to help tutor/mentor programs grow in every high poverty neighborhood of the Chicago region.
Step 1
Build and Maintain knowledge base
The T/MC database and web site map-based
Program Locator
now includes most tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago area, as well as lists of potential resource providers.
Each of these boxes represent
knowledge in the TMLN
Each box represents a category of people and organizations working to help youth grow up safely, succeed in school, and be prepared for 21st Century jobs and careers
Step 2
Volunteer Mobilization :
A successful collaboration

or partnership is built on

trust and mutual self-

Without the regular invitations from
the T/MC, and the constant information
sharing, most organizations would remain
isolated from each other.
Step 3
Build network of leaders.
A successful collaboration or partnership is built on trust and mutual self-interest.

The T/MC leads an annual sequence of capacity-building actions that draw more than 300 programs together for regular knowledge sharing, resource building.

These are are essential for building trust and relationships.
Step 4
Information sharing
Building Better Understanding
of Needs, Opportunities.

T/MC seeks to create a better understanding of what works, who/how many are being served, where programs are needed, and what it takes to help good programs be in every place where they are needed.
As a small non profit, formed in 1993, T/MC has never had the advertising budgets of large corporations. Thus, it relies on an on-going networking strategy to draw people together, and to build awareness of tutoring/mentoring. Since 2011 T/MC has been part of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, which still has very limited dollars to support this strategy.
Step 5
Actions that increase flow of resources
Using the map, and the database, leaders from business, media, faith groups, etc can stimulate a flow of resources to all programs, in all neighborhoods.

By working as a group, T/MC helps programs generate greater impact than most programs could generate by themselves.

Without a steady flow of these resources no program can succeed.
All Tutor/Mentor Programs have
Common Needs
* volunteers
* public visibility
* operating dollars
* technology
* training/learning
* evaluation tools/staff
Step 6
The result of Steps 1 to 5
Better programs in more
places for more age groups

As a result of the previous steps, Chicago, and other major cities begins to have more effective tutor/mentor programs serving more youth in more neighborhoods.
Step 7
The Result
If Step 1 to 5 are happening in every poverty neighborhood, youth and families will have access to more of the help they need, better programs, and more consistent, longer-term services.

This will begin to achieve the changes in school performance and career preparation that we all want:

• better attendance in school
• lower drop out rates
• less youth violence
• better academic performance
• business reports better prepared
Step 8
Long Term Commitment
This SUCCESS is not achieved

in one or two years.
It will never be achieved without

the work done at the base of this

pyramid each year.
Thank you
Note: While the Tutor/mentor Connection(T/MC) was part of the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection organization from 1993 to mid 2011, it is now operated by the Tutor/Mentor institute, LLC which seeks to support the growth of T/MC type structures in many cities, not just Chicago
This is T/MC Theory of change
Become part of the this network of purpose.

Here is web address for article http://tinyurl.com/TMINetwork-Shared-Purpose
At the T/MC Web Portal, discussions on building the network of tutor/mentor programs are on-going.
Read The other essays in the Tutor/Mentor Institute Library to expand your understanding of this strategy


Contact us: Merchandise mart PO BOx 3303, Chicago, IL. 60654

This Prezi was created by ByeongHui Kim, as part of a 2013 internship program sponsored by illinois Institute of Technology
We need your help
Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
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