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Wednesday 10.21.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Wednesday 10.21.15

Wednesday 10.21.15
Do Now
As a reminder, please copy the quote completely and accurately and resopond in a way that engages with the specific meaning or language of the quote.
Roots: Exercises
Review the words and prefixes from this week and then we will complete the exercises on the back of the roots paper for the week.
Linking Verbs: Take Two
For today's LINKING VERB practice, let's split into two groups. We will do some together and some on our own and thus ensure we have a solid foundation on which to build Grammar Mountain.
This type of writing is designed to simulate the research process. Instead of finding the sources yourself, you are given the resources to use to write your paper.

Our paper will be on the real-life mystery of Edgar Allan Poe's death.

We have three texts to work with. But, to start, let's ANNOTATE the prompt so we know what we will be writing about and what will be expected from us.
"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners."
Laurence Sterne
Let's also take a moment to share some thoughts about how we can succeed on this week's quiz. What mnemonic devices can you come up with to help yourself and your peers?
This week's WODS are:

attractive in dress to run away secretly and hide
Write a story including this week's WODS, used correctly, as well as three words from this week's ROOTS list, and the five words chosen by your classmates. Your story must make sense and use the vocabulary words correctly.
Poe and the Unreliable Narrator
1. With your assigned partner, complete the chart cataloguing details that demonstrate how the narrators of the two stories are unreliable.

2. With your assigned partner, do one of the following:
a) maintaining Poe's style and voice, write the story of the murder from the old man's perspective. Did he truly suspect nothing? What was he thinking whilst lying in bed?

b) maintaining Poe's style and voice, write the story of Fortunato's murder from Fortunato's perspective.
No gruesome details necessary (or allowed). Instead, focus on the psychological aspects of the story. And, consider, would the Old Man and Fortunato be reliable narrators or could they (would they) be just as unreliable as the perpetrators of the crimes?
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