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History Of My Little Pony

No description

Ashley Holmes

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of History Of My Little Pony

History Of
It started in 1982. over the years it changed drastically. To the left you will see the original toys for it.
How old is it?
Who made My little pony first?
My little pony was created in 1982 by American illustrator and designer Bonnie Zacherle. She worked with sculptor Charles Muenchinger
and manager Steve D'Aguanno. Zacherle submitted the design patent in August 1981 for an ornimental design for a toy animals.
What was "My Pretty Pony" like?
"my pretty pony" started in 1981 and went to 1983. They were 10-inch tall dolls that Hasbro introduced, produced, and marketed for little girls. in 1983 zacherle started working for hasbro directly. "My pretty pony" was moved there. The dolls became smaller and were renamed "My little pony."
What was generation one like for "My Little Pony"?
Well this was a problem. Nobody cares about generation one. There is no information about it and I have never seen it.
What was Generation two like?
Generation two started in 1997, and ended in 2002. One of the biggest problems with this generation is the toys are not stable. They look anorexic, and the picks they came with were to small to use.
generation one
generation two
What was generation three like?
Once again there is no information.
I wish that I could find something. But sadly there is nothing.
What was generation four like?
We are still in generation four. It is known as, "My little pony friendship is magic". It has become so popular that it is no longer just little girls who watch it. I will go over each of the most popular characters.
Twilight Sparkle
let us start with the real main character. Twilight is a unicorn. She comes from the capital of Equestria, the city of Canterlot. Her special talent is magic. She is Princess celestia's personal student and is now living in ponyville to study the magic of friendship. when she weilds her element of harmony she weilds the element of magic. She is a major book worm. when she is not helping other ponies she is in her library studying. She has a big brother named shining armor. he is the captain of the guard and married to princess cadence. Twilight has a pet owl names Owllicious
Fluttershy is a very shy pegesus. she is known for her love of animals. Her special talent is taking care of animals. She weilds the element of kindness. She grew up in cloudsdale and moved to ponyville after falling to the ground during flight camp. Her pet is a rabbit named angel bunny.
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie is everyponies favorite party pony. She was born and raised on a rock farm. She got her cutie mark when she threw a party for her parents and made them smile. The represents the element of laughter. Her pet is an aligator named Gummy
Apple Jack
Apple jack is an earth pony. She works on the family farm known as Sweet Apple Acres. She has a younger sister named Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom does not have her cutie mark yet. She aslo has a big brother named Big Macintosh. Her grandmother's name is Granny Smith. She is the element of honesty. Her pet is a dog named Winona.
Rarity is a fasion designer. There is no information on where she comes from. She works at and owns the carosel boutique. Her little sister is named Sweetie bell. they are both unicorns. Rarity is the element of genorosity. her pet is a cat named opal essence. Rarity tends to be very dramatic over the littlest things. She will freak out at sweetie bell for trying to help.
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow dash is the last element of harmony. She is also the reason the other elements have their cutie marks. She is the element of loyalty. She is a pegusus who is very lazy. She works for the weather team. she is also the fastest pony in all of Equestria. She does not have any family but she does have a fan. it's a little filly pegesus named Scootaloo. Now scootaloo can not fly. Her wings are to under developed. Rainbow dash thinks reading is for eggheads but reads daring doo books all the time. She is also a huge fan of the wonderbolts. Her pet is a turtle named tank.
The Cutie Mark Crusaders
The Cutie mark crusadors are a set of three fillies. You already know their names. They are Apple Bloom, sweetie bell, and scootaloo. They are on the hunt to find theor cutie marks. They try different things to see what their special talent is. Many people say sweetie bell will be a singer, apple bloom will be good at fixing stuff, and no one knows about scootaloo.
Princess Celestia
Princess Celestoa , she rises the sun every moning. She is what is known as an alicorn. She is the older sister of Princess Luna. She was originaly the weilder of the elements of harmony.
Princess Luna
Princess luna is the one who raises the moon and stars. when her and her sister were younger Luna had felt like she was not as loved as Celestia. She was taken over by a pure evil and turned into Nightmare moon.
Oh my, the god of chaos. I never did like him. Oh well. Discord is A draconicous. He spreads chaos everywhere he goes. he has been defeated twice. the third time he broak free he was reformed. he is still chaotic.
Nightmare moon
Nighmare moon is also known as Princess Luna. Princess luna felt that she was not as loved as her sister. she was consumed by a great evil. She refused to lower the moon to may for the sun. She wanted an eternal night. Celestia used the elements of harmony to send her to the moon for a thousand years.
King sombra
Not much to say about him. he took over the crystal empire was sealed away for awhile came back and was destroyed by spike. spike got the crystal heart and made all the crystal ponies happy agian. this released them from the spell king sombra put them under
Queen Chrysalis
This is a good one. in the episodes called a canterlot wedding,ueen chrisylis trap princess miamora cadenze or cadence, in the crystal caves. She then took her place to feed off the love that shining armour had for cadence. You see chrysalis is a changling. that means she is a shapeshifter. nopony saw through her disguise. except twilight. when twilight got close to reveiling her then she threw her in the crystal caves as well. twilight found the real cadence and brought her to the canterlot castle. it was then that chrysalis showed herself. There was a major battle but in the end cadence and shining armour beat her by showing their true love
By: Ashley Holmes
Queen Chrysalis
Princess Cadence
The WonderBolts
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