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Annual Representative Assembly 2013

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aizh miole

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Annual Representative Assembly 2013

Annual Representative Assembly
8:00- 12:00 Noon. 23 Mar. 2013
MSU-IIT Gymnasium
Tibanga, Iligan City
Opening and
Welcome Remarks
Introduction of the Guest Speaker
Hon. Cresente C. Paez
Coop NATCCO Party List
Inspirational Message
Presentation of Awards
Opening and
Welcome Remarks
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the MSUIIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative:
Heavenly Cooperative Blessings! And Welcome to our Annual Representative Assembly on the 35th year of our God-centered co-operation. As the inertia of local, national and international celebrations of the 2012 INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF COOPERATIVES continues our theme for this assembly is consistent with the SLOGAN:
Goals of the International Year of Cooperatives:
1.Increase public awareness about cooperatives and their contributions to socio-economic development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals;
2.Promote the formation and growth of cooperatives;
3.Encourage governments to establish policies, laws and regulations conducive to the formation, growth and stability of cooperatives.
Source: http://social.un.org/coopsyear/iyclogo.shtml
Consistent with our approved 5-Year Strategic Plan 2012 to 2016, and the goals 1 and 2 enumerated above, we have opened savings and credit offices in Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City, Bacolod, Lanao del Norte, two in Butuan City and one in the Municipality of Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. Indeed a good number of new co-operators from these newly opened offices have responded to our invitation to:


In keeping with scriptural tradition let me welcome one and all to our 4th Annual Representative Assembly with Psalm 127:1 as our reminder that “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”

I therefore enjoin all cooperator-representatives in behalf of the general membership that we share our thoughts, good inspirations and feelings, and arrive at collective decisions with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, our Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.
Again to master our thoughts, feelings, words and acts together allow me share to you that our MSU-IIT NMPC is an economic vehicle guided by the equilateral triangle paradigm shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1.Dynamics of Vision, Mission, Objectives; Team and Leadership Paradigm
Our MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative as the Team that is composed of leaders and follower-members is an economic vehicle united on the basis of our Vision Statement:
“A leading world-class cooperative serving the nation”
Mission Statement:
“To provide and satisfy cooperators with excellent products and services”
Objectives, as printed in page 3, Pakigsayud Vol. XXX – Rearranged:
GOVERNANCE: To practice high ethical standards, operational efficiency and effectiveness in
governing the cooperative.
WORKFORCE: To maintain a highly motivated and competent workforce.
COMMUNITY: To develop sustainable outreach programs and linkages with other institutions.
MARKET: To establish a strong market presence in strategic areas in the Philippines.
PRODUCTS: To continuously develop and innovate products and services satisfying the changing
needs of the members.
FINANCE: To ensure the financial viability of the cooperative.
And the Panumpa sa Kooperatiba as deep commitment foundation anchored on God or … Tabangi ako Ginoo.
Given the newly opened six savings and credit offices with at least four to five office and field workers, it is a projected situation that said offices have to be subsidized for the first eighteen
(18) to twenty four (24) months of operation. Indeed these offices have affected our Net Surplus for the year 2012 as per Joined BOD and MANAGEMENT Report and Audited Financial Statements. Aside from subsidizing the operations of newly opened savings and credit offices, we have also resolved that starting January 2012, we are to accrue Php 350,000.00 per month or Php 4.20 million per year for ten years to provide for the Special Savings.
Another major program we are working on with the Housing Committee and the Property Management Division of our Ato Kini Koop is the Housing Cooperative Project at Lambagohon. Even though these activities require cash outflow, their contribution to positive net surplus are yet in the future.
Despite the reduction of net surplus for 2012, we have contributed in our countries economy by means of providing employment to no less than 30 additional management and staff.
After our exit conference with the External Auditors, we are strongly reminded to improve on our communications in the area of enhancing knowledge and skills to be learned and practiced by and among, elective officers, management and staff and the general membership. Specially among prospective elective officials from the membership and newly hired management and staff.
In today’s ARA, we hoped to have communicated the need to ratify and approve the Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws of the Coop Academy. The invitation to all members to subscribe for at least 1,000 shares and be qualified to be elected among the first subsidiary officers by paying their initial paid-up share capital of Php 12,500.00 in their respective branch offices. That the first 21 members to have paid-up their 25% of the minimum subscription of 1,000 shares will be founding members of the MSUIIT National Cooperative Academy, a subsidiary of the MSUIIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative.
The MSUIIT National Cooperative Academy Subsidiary will be relocated come School Year 2013 we pray that the all the needed preparations we are working on will be guided and blessed by our Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We therefore enjoin every one to pray for the success on the efforts in this regard.
Connecting all the operating links while seeing to it that ethical, moral and legal requirements are in place, we move close to substantiating our vision as we conduct and carry out each day with love our mission of serving the entire membership anchored upon heavenly cooperative principles and practices. Truly all these we prayerfully integrate on the basis of our Core Cooperative Values of Spirituality, Excellence, Leadership and Good Governance, Family Solidarity, Dignity, Integrity, Competence and Entrepreneurship. (Pakigsayud Vol. XXX, Page 3).
Resolve and approve the proposed increase in the Sunshine Benefit from the Php 75,000.00 to Php 125,000.00 for a corresponding increase in monthly premium contribution of Php 35.00 per month effective the month after this assembly, with the understanding that those who will simply opt for the same benefit will not effect the change in his or her monthly Sunshine contribution.
Our desire and effort to bring about 1 Koop Mindanao Party List did NOT succeed in being accredited by the Commission on Elections. Thus the natural course of action is for all cooperators to rally and support the COOP NATCCO Party on the Party List Elections May 13, 2013. We look forward that Congressman Cresente C. Paez will grace this assembly as our Guest Speaker today.
The MSUIIT NATIONAL MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE can in the future become a more effective vehicle in uplifting the lives of our members and build better communities. Our newly adopted Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws have empowered your Board of Directors to effect, Article XI Allocation of Net Surplus, as follows:
Reserve Fund. At least ten percent (10%);
Cooperative Education and Training Fund of Not more than ten percent (10%);
Community Development Fund of At least three percent (3%);
Relief, Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Reconstruction Fund of At least three percent (3%);
Optional Fund of Not more than seven percent (7%); and
Venture Capital Fund of Not more than seven percent (7%)
The purposeful and effective use of the above funds will bring our cooperative greater conquest of material poverty. However, purposeful and well directed growth and development of officers, management and staff, and general membership; and each taking individual responsibility to learn and practice heavenly cooperative principles, core values and continuing unlearning and learning of undesirable and good practices respectively, will manifest shared prosperity!
Again, spread the cooperative good news to family members, relatives, friends, and the community.
For and In Behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff, and the entire Membership of the MSUIIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative and the upcoming subsidiaries, Peace, Shalom, God Bless and Welcome to our 35th Anniversary and 4th Annual Representative Assembly.
2013 is an exciting year
4th Annual Representative Assembly
"Growing social enterprises, building communities"
- to achieve social cultural, community, economic,
environmental outcomes
- to earn revenue
CLUSTER 1from 892 CLUSTER 1members, 86M Assets, 1M Net Surplus in 2000, we now have 50,000 members, 800M Asset & 23M Net Surplus.
from Iligan City we are now in Lanao del Norte, Pagadian City, Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental and Butuan City.
interconnectivity & internet banking
one MIS for all branches
Access Branded coop applying international standards making us world-class, sound & sustainable Savings & Credit operations
closing of deferred assets
lower net surplus
hit 96% of the consolidated membership target, improved Marketing programs & strategies, came up with new products & services
strengthened Human Resource training & development
Coop Academy campus relocation
COOP Care program enhanced
community involvement & networking
Coop advocacy
- Gender & development, anti-poverty, pooling of resources, one MIS for Coop network
networking & linkages
- strong leadership presence in federations
- coop managers' association, people management association in the Philippines
- housing, health care
electronic communication/ information
- website development
financial ratios
- COOP PESOS rating is 81.4 equivalent to Fair
portfolio at risk at 7.62%
efficiency ratios were fine except Cost per Peso, Asset yield, Operational self-sufficiency
inflation rate was 3% in 2012
stability ratios were fine but way below for Net institutional capital
operations ratios of performance (membership & external borrowings were excellent)
structure of assets ratios were low as far as asset quality, total loans receivable over total assets, total share capital over total assets. from these, we need to focus our efforts
board & management efforts were supported by federations (NATCCO & MASS SPECC & VRV Management Consultancy
share of victories & failures
continuing loyalty by membership, dedicated officers & staff as our strength
sustained good practices & values & people-centered & principle-driven organization
the future- 2020
- soundness & sustainability for cooperatives as core nature & clear impact in society
prayer for God's wisdom & understanding, continuing support & cooperation among members & shared vision, mission & values
Mabuhay ang atong Kooperatiba! Ato kini!
Daghang Salamat!
Joint Board
and Management
Financial Ratios
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