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SMS Based Electronic Bulletin Board

Defense Presentation

Rommel Regis

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of SMS Based Electronic Bulletin Board

SMS Based Electronic Bulletin Board Prepared by:
Shenna P. Noveda
Rommel D. Regis
Jayson R. Villafurte A total of 280 respondents were divided into four different year levels: first year, second year, third year, and fourth year, consisting 70 students per level. The respondents were randomly selected and each was given the survey questionnaires. Specifically, the study is intended to answer the following problems:
1.What are the effects of posting announcements using papers on the Bulletin Board on the following areas of concern:
a.Financial budget
b.Time and effort
2.What is the process before anyone can post announcements on Bulletin Board?
3.Is the paper posting of announcements on Bulletin Board an effective means of information dissemination for students? Introduction Findings on
Research Statement of the Problem Manual Process Wireless communication has announced its arrival on big stage and the whole world is going on mobile means of communication. Almost everyone wants to control everything without the need to move an inch.
This project deals about an advanced hi-tech wireless bulletin board. Installing Bulletin Boards (i.e. Dot Matrix Display Board) in institutions / schools embedded with SMS technology will help the school, organization and students lessen the burden of putting announcements on papers and posting them on boards around the campus which Leyte Normal University has been doing for years now. Though LNU has now an Information Board, not all students can receive the announcements through text messages. OSA
Organization Adviser =Yes =No Faculty/Staff LNU
InfoBoard Methodology The method used in this study is a descriptive method. The researchers used the interview and survey method aided with questionnaires in collecting the data required. This is for the researchers to be able to determine the views and opinion of the students about the proposed system. This will also be used to acquire their reactions about the current way of disseminating announcements. Table 1: Common Problems on the Current System Table 1 shows that 51.8% of the respondents are not aware of the announcements announced during flag ceremony, 40.4% of them are unable to receive announcements from InfoBoard, 39.3% are having problem in accessibility of Bulletin Board, 35.4% were confused by the announcements, 32.5% are lack of interest and 1.4% of them were answered by different reasons that is not listed in the above Most of the respondents are not aware of the announcements announced during the flag ceremony because most of them were not attending including of the time of their classes, waking up late and lazy in attending because of the heat. Table 2: Effectiveness of the Current System Table 2 shows that 70.7% of the respondents agreed on that the current system in the university is effective and 29.2% were not. Most of the students were aware of the announcements being announced and posted because they are interested on it. But some students get lazy in knowing what will be the updates of the said events of the university. It is concluded that most of the students are aware of the announcements disseminated by using the current system includes announcing during the flag ceremony and posting on all bulletin boards around the campus. Table 3: Accessibility of the Announcement Table 3 shows how the respondents get the announcements they know. There are 41.1% of the respondents got the announcements from the bulletin board, 38.2% in the LNU InfoBoard, 23.6% during flag ceremony and 9.6% are from other student.
It is determined that the students are interested of the posts announcements in the bulletin boards. Table 4: Comment on Improving of the Current System Table 4 shows that 91.1% of the respondents want the current system of posting and announcing the announcements will be improved and 8.9% of them want the old way of how they knew the announcements. Table 5: Implementing of the Proposed System Table 5 shows that 274 or 97.9% of the respondents agreed on implementing the LNU SMS Based Electronic Bulletin Board (proposed system) and 6 or 2.1% of them are not.
Most of the students agreed on implementing the proposed system because they think that the university might need an improvement in using technological equipment in posting the announcement and the process and dissemination of announcements will be fast and accessible for all. Proposed System This system will help the university to further enhance the way of disseminating information within its premises. The LNU-SBEBB uses a LED matrix board acting as the medium for displaying the message. It is computer software embedded with SMS technology. The Bulletin Board will approximately measure 40”x4”. The message will be displayed in a scrolling manner which will depend on the length of the message to be displayed. continuation: Only authorized persons are allowed to send messages to the system. Messages sent to the system will be validated by the system first before it will be displayed in the matrix board. The system will receive a SMS with a unique key pass to check the validity of the message and the system in return will generate a text message and reply to the sender telling him that his announcement is ok for posting and when this announcement will be posted. The system will also prioritize more important messages or those that are urgent. Incoming messages will automatically be sorted if they need to be prioritized first. Old announcements which have already been posted may be deleted from the system only by an authorized person. Announcements will be posted for a specific period of time. Program Flowchart
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