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No description

William Segelhorst

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Robotics

Robotics Will.S. Robotics throughout the ages Autonomous -The activity of a robot without human influence (programming)
- the first second of an FRC match Semi-autonomous -partially self governing Time Line unique use of robots remotely controlled ROBOTICS The Branch of technology dealing with
-application of robots ROBOT a machine
-able to carry out complex actions automatically HISTORY Ancient Times -used in greek mythology -water clocks in Asia -discovery of steam power 1800s -automatons introduced
-Marry Shelley writes Frankenstein 1900s -first computer developed
could play chess -Industrial Robots Introduced - Robots more implemented into pop-culture -Having the powers of self-government within a larger organization or structure. -wirelessly operated by an exterior force - programmed to respond to input data current -robotics is now a strong implement in society - an even bigger industry - a future career choice for those sitting amongst you 300 B.C - Greeks Theorized automation 200 B.C. -greeks designed water clocks 1700 - Automatons invented 1910 - Ford uses first conveyor machine on assembly line 1920s -robots integrated into pop culture 1932 - first robot toy produced in Japan 1940s 1960s 1970s 1980s http://io9.com/5904068/these-1980s-robot-waiters-were-real-but-they-were-terrible-at-their-job CLICK ME! NOW Unique Robots Essex Robotic Fish - are able to dive into deep high pressure depths -are still being developed.. - can measure water samples -safe alternative to deep sea diving Robotics! Thanks! Will,
Nice job with the layout of your presentation...it helped enhance the content.....exceptional job covering the history......controls -semi-auto referred to government...but could be applied to robots......unique design was very interesting......amazing how life-like in movement the "fish" was......92%
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