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Quilting with Sew Honeybee

My journey as a quilter.

Melissa Kary

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Quilting with Sew Honeybee

Quilting with Sew Honeybee It all started when... My college roommate wanted to take a quilting class. I had sewn clothing for years, and I thought it would be fun to try. We went once a week and learned how to piece a star quilt. I really didn't care for sewing all the little triangles together. I almost gave up as soon as I started, but... Then I discovered the Log Cabin quilt block. Unlike the star quilt, the log cabin used a technique called "strip quilting." Rather than sewing lots of little blocks together, this technique used strips that are sewn then cut and sewn again until a much bigger block is made. I was hooked So I searched for a star quilt pattern that used the strip quilting technique. Which lead me to discover... Mini Quilts Mini quilts are just like bed-sized quilts,
but much smaller. My first attempt with 1/4 inch pieces was not very even. But when I tried again... I was far more successful. So I left my comfort zone... And tried an Amish Shadows quilt. Making mini quilts made me a better quilter The small blocks forced me to be more precise. So, when I went back to making bed-sized quilts, I was suddenly much better. I tried another star quilt, and this time had nearly perfect points. Baby quilts are especially fun. They are a great way to test... Color Combinations Blocks and Patterns New Techniques And Finishes. After about 10 years of quilting I had an idea... I could try sewing for a living I had just recently decided that I really didn't like teaching in the public schools, and with only a Master's of Music, I couldn't teach full-time at a college. I worked for a seamstress for a year, then when she retired, I started my own company, Sew Honeybee. Making quilts to sell was fun but not very profitable. But I learned how to applique. How to use masking tape as a quilting guide, And how to make t-shirt quilts. After three years without much profit,
I went back to school. So quilting is once again a hobby. My goal now is the pursuit of perfection. One block at a time. Credits All photographs taken by Melissa Kary Sew Honeybee logo designed by Melissa Kary Background and log cabin images designed by Melissa Kary Scissors and light bulb from Prezi's symbols and shapes Youtube clip from the TV show "My Little Pony"
uploaded by kyrospawn Thank you
for viewing this Prezi All quilts made by Melissa Kary So, I made several Log Cabin quilts In fact, I've made at least thirteen different log cabin quilts since I started quilting. When the three layers
are sewn together, it is called a quilt. A pieced or
appliqued top

(almost always 100% cotton) Backing Fabric

(either 100% cotton fabric or a poly-cotton blended bed sheet) What is a quilt? Batting

(typically needled cotton for machine quilting and high loft polyester for tied)
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