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reality tv and children

No description

krista strobel

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of reality tv and children

reality tv
and youth krista strobel reality tv definition - tv show observing
real-life situation: television
programs that present real people
in live, though often deliberately
manufactured, situations and monitor their emotions and behavior youth definition - 1. time when somebody is
young: the period of human life between
childhood and maturity 2. time of being
young: the state of being young what's the problem? promote the worst aspects of human behavior
emphasis on wealth, popularity and beauty duplicate behavior the real world
fear factor
jackass doesn't reflect reality meant to deviate from the norm
edited think it's normal behavior okay to use people for personal
gain (to win money)
okay to lie or cheat to win is it all bad? broadens views exposure to new things enjoy as a family promotes conversation
all ages better to watch and discuss can't ignore the problem
kids aren't stupid
can learn from shows, if put in perspective
philosophy hobbes an ordered society sets moral rules
structues to make doing right desirable
rise above self interest voltaire positive action
desire vs. reason
act for the greater good of society kant should everyone act
this way? sartre freedom and individual responsibility
we are the way we are because of the decisions we made
no set of moral standards thoughts...
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