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Grad Portfolio

No description

Keegan M

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Grad Portfolio

Grad Portfolio
Who am I?

Very social

What have I done in my life?

I will have graduated at the end of this year with my dual dogwood in English and French.
Less than 10 lates recorded to date
Was the Off Premise Manager when I worked at East Side Mario's
Gave multiple food items to the Upper Room Mission in Vernon with East Side Mario's

Transition Plan
Where am I going?

I am currently enrolled in the Okanagan College's Proffesional Cook Apprenticeship program.
I will have completed a first year college course in the second half of my grade 12 year.
I will be transitioning to the Okanagan College to complete my second and third level Professional Cook.

Plan A - Professional Chef
Food Safe certificate
Must be employed with a business that employs a journeyperson Cook or Chef
How I fit:
I have a broad knowledge of different foods
Cooking has interested me from a young age
Costs for the course:
Tuition: $700 (First year payed for by the apprenticeship program at seaton)
Supplies for class: ~$700

English 12 - 60%
Pre-calculus 11/12 - 67%
Physics 11 - 60%
How I fit:
I love mathematics, and electronics interest me
Costs for the course:
$11,008 (Includes additional fees)
Plan B - Electronic Engineering
Playing computer
Working on vehicles
Taking pictures
I have high marks in math
I excel in cooking class
I am very competent with technology
I am a good at problem solving
Walking the dog daily
Heavy lifting at work
Regularly eat every meal every day
I eat plenty of meat
I aspire to finish my Professional Chef courses, and proceed to apply my skills in a new job.
Date: 2016
Short term goal: Finish my three levels of Professional chef
Date: As soon as possible
Short term goal: Get a job in the food industry
Date: Hopefully by 2020
Long term goal: Achieve my red seal for Professional Cook
Date: 2020+
Long term goal: Use my red seal to get a job in a prestigious restaurant
My goals and career plan
Career plan (continued)
How I fit in my chosen path:
I am a people person, and i would love to show off my skills to others.
I have honed my cooking skills over the years both at home and at school.
I can work almost anywhere, and since I am bilingual, it greatly broadens my choices.

I get to do what I love
I get to eat my work
There are job options wherever I go
I could use my knowledge of being a chef, combined with taking a business course, and become a restaurant owner
Upsides to being a cook
Lots of food = possibility of gaining weight
Very tough work
Dangerous utilities
Hot workplace
Competition between chefs
Downside of being a chef
Cost of my course:
$700 Tuition (First year payed by the school)
~$700 Books, Uniforms, Knife set, assorted other necessities
Total estimated: ~$1500 over three years
Cost for my living situation:
Living with my parent for the next few year. ~$200/month combined for rent, cellphone, internet, water, other essentials
$100/month groceries (Personal groceries, parents supply other)
~$200/month gas for my vehicle
Total: ~$500/month
Healthy Living Plan
Reflecting on my stress can help ease it
I can reduce the amount of stressful situations
I can exercise to release endorphins to help my body
Only associate with good people
Avoid hurtful relationships
Have a good relationship with everyone I'm around
Balanced breakfast daily
Consistent meals throughout the day
Avoid excess calories
Daily walks
Working out by lifting weights
Riding my bike to and from school
30 Hours of working
Cover letter
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