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Copy of Company Overview

No description

Rebecca Howard

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Company Overview

Partnerships & Contracts
Funding Support
Some of our clients
Company Overview
January 2014

Track Training is a leading provider of specialist training and assessment
, recognised as the Fastest growing Education & Training company in Wales 2012.
10th overall placing in the Fast Grow fifty listing for 2012 , 7th in listing again 2013
Currently employs 38 employees, plus 8+ associates
Specialises in delivery of
Lean Business Improvement Techniques
and six sigma programmes, plus higher level team leading and management programmes, plus others...

Offers nationally accredited programmes from some of the UK’s largest and most respected awarding bodies including ;
City and Guilds & the Institute of Leadership & Management ;EAL & Edexcel
Institutionally approved by University of Glamorgan to deliver higher level 5/7 & Foundation degrees
Advised SSE on achievement of Employer ownership of Skills (EOS) : £6M 3 yr programme
Manages Skills for Growth training contracts with Welsh businesses monitored by WAG, to date have advised 28 organisations & accessed in excess of £8m+
Successfully delivered programmes to
5,000+ learners to date with 85%+ success rate.
Pembroke College
100 learners
Sector Skills priority funding
Project based
Skills for Growth programme
500+ learners
Institutional Approved Partner
50+ learners
Eastleigh College
300 learners
All England
Swindon College
400 learners
All England
Worcester College
100 learners
All England
Chesterfield College
100+ learners
All England
Leeds College
100+ learners
All England
100% Funding for employers and employees
Programme: Lean/ Business Improvement Programmes;
Business Improvement Techniques unit funding or Full BIT Diploma Programme

Employees with a Level 2 qualification are eligible for individual BIT unit programs (up to three units), which can be mixed and matched to best suit the companies requirements, i.e. depending upon whether they are looking to identify inefficiencies or eradicate known wastes, improve the appearance of the shop floor or map the whole businesses flow. Employees without a Level 2 can undertake units and full Diplomas.

Topics Including:

5S Workplace Organisation, Visual Management , Flow Process Analysis, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Problem Solving, Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) , SMED, Standard Ops +++....
Track training has been successful in winning contracts with Chesterfield College and Leeds College, allowing us to access European Social Funding (ESF) to support the following programmes:-
Recent programmes
Track Training has been successful in winning a total of twenty eight skills for growth contracts for the period Apr 2010- present:
Examples include;
Programme to support 324 learners across 2 sites, Newport & Tywyn. BIT, ILM Levels 2/4/5, Autonomous Maintenance, SMED, ERP Systems training.
Programme to support 200 learners at Ystrad Mynach Facility. BIT Level 2 + 2 additional units of Problem Solving & Standard Ops.
Programme to support 555 Learners; Client services, Energy Awareness (NEA), ILM, Business Improvement Techniques.
Programme to support 500 + in Biomet Operating System designed programme (BIT units), Yellow belt six sigma, Green Belt, Black belt, ILM Level 2-7, bespoke management development programmes, warehousing & logistics. Sales management.
Programme to support 100+ learners at Llantrisant. BIT Level 2.

Lean Master Class
Day 1
History of Lean
Tools & Techniques
7 Wastes
Flow process Analysis
Kaizen Project discussion
Experiential learning: Plug Game Round One
Day 2
Plug Game Round 2 & 3
Standardised Work
Problem Solving
Flow Process Analysis
Kaizen project selection
Plug Game completion
Day 3
Project follow through and Application
Assessment and Accreditation
Fully Accredited Utinised programme

Tailored delivery model in line with company needs.
Scoping: Quality, Cost, Delivery (QCD) Measures
Induction & enrolment
Carry Out Value Stream Mapping
Carry Out Flow process Analysis
Contributing to the application of problem solving techniques
Contributing to the application of problem solving techniques
Carry out msitake error
proving (POKE YOKE)
Carry out mistake error
Contributing to the creation of standard operating procedures
Carry out flow process analysis
Contributing to lead time analysis
Contribute to set up (SMED) reduction techniques
Continuous Improvement PDCA

Applying Continuous Improvement Techniques
Complying with Statutory Regulations and Organisational Safety Requirements
Contribute to Effective Team Working
Visual Management
Applying Workplace Organisation (5S/5C
Delivery methodology
Team Leaders
Cross section of learners
Track Facilitator
5S Project x 1 Implementation
KAIZAN Project/s x 3 Implementation
Company Specific Chosen Projects eg. Yields/ Scrap
Project team Implement
Track facilitator
Client specific Projects
Process Focus
Quality results
Operator Training
Organisational benefits
Track training’s unique approach to the BIT programme delivery is to deliver the training as a team based approach. A cross section of employees are selected from various roles from within the organisation/ department and attend the learning workshops and implement Kaizen projects as a team.

These teams will identify specific issues/ projects that the organisation may have; Track training will tailor learning programmes and mentoring sessions around these issues. Track training then facilitates the team/s to implement solutions.
Learners not only then achieve their qualifications but also improve the operational performance of the organisation.
Payback & Idea formulation
Simple Payback Analysis
Idea Formulation Pay back analysis
Action planning and implementation
improvement outcomes
On completion of the FPA, teams will select projects based on the pay back matrix above.
Track training will mentor the team/s to ensure projects implemented will focus on scores of 9 and 6, preferably low cots projects with high benefit.
Company A
Prior quantifiable improvements in business performance created within Track Trainings current customers operations as a result of the lean based training undertaken within
our lean based
1. Improve Space Utilisation by 30%

2. Improve efficiency and quality of goods allocation process

3. Improve efficiency of operations by 30%
Floor space Utilisation

Not Right First Time

Company Specific
£26,098 pa
49% reduction

From 1-2% to 0%

53% reduction
Company B
1. Improve the Pallet Relay Process by 50%

2. Improve process of tops and pallets

3. Save operator time on pallet relay process


£26,098 pa
49% reduction

From 1-2% to 0%

53% reduction
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