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Adolescent Pregnancy

english presentation

Caitlin Sunday

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Adolescent Pregnancy

Adolescent Pregnancy Caitlin Sunday
2nd period This issue is widespread and some steps to prevent it include: comprehensive or complete health education, using the nurse to encourage abstinence and utilizing the physical education program to encourage developmental programs such as a support group using teenage mothers. Teenage pregnancy has a negative effect on girls’ future education In America, 35 percent of women the age 20 or younger become pregnant at least once; this amounts to about 850,000 pregnancies each year and 78 percent of these pregnancies are unintended Comprehensive and Complete Health Education The initial shock of discovering being pregnant is a common reaction partnered with denial Emotional distress can be caused by conflict with loved ones or the fear of their reactions and can lead to impulsive decision making In 1996, 76 percent of births were to unmarried teenagers and the number continues to rise It has been statistically proven that 20 percent of teenage girls who participate in sexual activities conceive a child within the first month, that rate more than doubling to 50 percent after six months of being sexually active The initial shock of discovering that you're pregnant partnered with denial leads into panic and desperation from the multiple, overwhelming decisions pregnant teenagers face some more stats... Emotional distress can be caused by conflict with loved ones or the fear of their reactions and can lead to impulsive decision making Pregnancy is the most common reason adolescent girls do not finish their education Eight out of ten girls wish they had waited until they were older to partake in sexual intercourse and six out of ten males wish they had waited The Encouragement of Abstinence Parents of many teenagers today do not argue for abstinence with their children; instead they would rather encourage them to use birth control or even make the mistake of ignoring the issue of sex all together is any self-restraint Abstinence Using the nurse to encourage abstinence is also another way to help prevent and eliminate teenage pregnancy Conducting seminars and presentations to encourage abstinence and raise awareness of the extent of teenage pregnancy is another way that the nurse would be useful. 3 million out of 12 million teenagers are affected by sexually transmitted diseases and these diseases can cause complications with the baby Some Stats 9 percent of teenage girls have low-birth weight babies the younger the mother the greater the risks of complications for both the mother and the child the fact that teenagers often have poor eating habits, smoke, consume alcohol, and take drugs, increasing the risk that their babies will be born with health problems according to Ralph L. Lopez, “abortion, in contrast, does not appear to be a solution to the teen pregnancy epidemic, as adolescent girls who solve one pregnancy with an abortion often go on to become pregnant a second, third, fourth, or even fifth time.” Abortion Doctors need to be more informed, personally, about the laws concerning the administering of birth control to young adults without the permission of the parents After becoming pregnant, hospitals need to help teenagers obtain the necessary prenatal and postnatal care to teach them to accept responsibilities a parent, help them finish their schooling, and possibly offer a way to give their child up for adoption if the parents are not adequate enough to take care of their offspring Teenage pregnancy is a national problem that needs to be dealt with immediately A Huge Deal These solutions for teenage pregnancy come from private individuals, eliminating the government for the most part, the government involved if any at all would be local government This requires the country to take action as soon as possible to get effective results everywhere Using the physical education program to encourage developmental programs such as support groups using teenage mothers is another way to prevent teenage pregnancy and the way to imply it is exactly that The Physical Education Program This is a national solution that comes from the government and private individuals The only sacrifice needed is time Cost Your educational clock is ticking Teenage pregnancy has a negative effect on girls' future education Pregnant teenagers and even those that are not pregnant will benefit the most from every single one of the solutions mentioned above Pros and Cons Any cost to prevent and diminish the epidemic of teenage pregnancy is worth it and the percentage of teenage pregnancies will be reduced by a large amount the volunteers, government officials, and programs that have participated in any of these shall lose the most dropout and pregnancy rates will drop tremendously immediately after the solution is implemented Short and Long Term Effects as time goes on, the immense rates of the immediate effect will start to drop off and level from there After a year, the rates will start to level off and become to steady In the next ten to thirty years, the rates will remain steady and teenagers will realize it is possible to stay in school if you should become pregnant as a teenager In decades to come, the effects will stay the same as the years before If nothing is done, the dropout and pregnancy rates will become exponential and spiral out of control and will plummet to rock bottom As you have learned, teenage pregnancy has a negative effect on girls’ future education. Steps to amend this epidemic include: comprehensive and complete health education, encouraging abstinence through the nurse, and using the physical education program to encourage developmental programs such as a support group for pregnant teens using teenage mothers. All in all, teenage pregnancy has a negative effect all the way around and something needs to be done to amend and fix this epidemic of teenage pregnancy. CONCLUSION Wirkus, Julie. "Teen Pregnancy." Teen Pregnancy. Ed. Alison Maxwell, MSW. N.p., n.d. Web. <http://www.cedu.niu.edu/~shumow/iit/Teenage%20Pregnancy.pdf>.

Adolescent Girls. "Our Health, Our Futures." Our Health, Our Futures - Sexual Issues – Teen Pregnancy, P. 2 - Statistics. Smith College, Winter 2000. Web. 05 Oct. 2012. <http://www.smith.edu/ourhealthourfutures/teenpreg2.html>. Works Cited "America's Pregnancy Epidemic." Interview by Ralph L. Lopez. America's Pregnancy Epidemic. New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. atasteofpopculture.blogspot.com thinkprogress.org thinkchristian.net providencedailydose.com thinkprogress.org motherjones.com blog.mfhs.org teenoutreachaz.org womenshealthcaretopics.com technabob.com thecandiesfoundation.org youtube.com
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