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Diane Riley

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Finally 4/16/13 ETSU Studio VIII Loft Space Concepts Due 2/21/13 Floor Schematics, Circulation and Common Area Adjacencies

Schematic Analysis of multiple story building to determine egress, use of each space and horizontal and vertical integration of building components

Blocking Diagrams completed to show spatial interaction, building core development, egress and space allocation by tenant. 3/21/13 Restaurant Designs Complete 2/26/13 Restaurant Concepts Due

Design Concept Statement for the intended space
Precedent Studies for the selected style of restaurant
Inspiration 3/26/13
Retail Concept Due Design Concept Statement for retail establishment
Precedent Studies of similar retail entities
inspiration Project to Include: concept statement
rendered floor plan
reflected ceiling plan
2 perspectives
suggested place setting & menu 4/25/13 Loft Spaces Due Design Concept
Rendered Floor Plan
Kitchen and Bath Details
Perspective 4/11/13 Retail Projects Due Floor Plan
Millwork Details 5/7/13 Final Presentations 5/2/13 Common Areas Due Common Area Finishes
Building Section
Floor plan for each floor of the building
Building Facade Design
Exterior Elevations Building History
Precedent Studies
Schematics for Building Analysis and Circulation
Common Areas
Restaurant Design
Retail Design
Residential Loft Design
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