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on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Workflow

MRC2 Workflow
4. Data Processing & Summary
Integrate metabolomics data with other -omics

Explain goals and objectives with .pdf and verbal communication
Method development & Quaility Control -
Li Zhang
Upload client data into MetLIMS
Sasha Raskind, Anu Janga
3. Data Acquisition
1. Study Design & Overview
Metadata Curation
Iterative, is the information given sufficient for the template?
Kerry Bonds
Steve Brown
2. Sample Collection & Prep.
Ship Samples & Sample_IDs to Kari Bonds
Verify sample_IDS
Create internal MetLIMS sample_IDs
Sample Prep.
Interact with DRCC to see how they want the sample prep done
Send over Standard Operating Procedure
- all information needed to reproduce the experiment exactly
Metadata Curation
DRCC & Core interaction from this point on
Bottlenecks & Unresolved Issues
Everything that is not easily formalized should be sent as free text protocol
Can't be squeezed into table structures and keep the level of detail that is necessary

5. Transfer Data to DRCC
Send data from MetLIMS to DRCC
Currently sending .zip files for trial data
Bottlenecks & unresolved issues
DRCC executive committee will develop an API for data transfer
Very unlikely that a user will be able to reproduce the results
Bottlenecks & Unresolved Issues
Extensive Template
Manual process, requires constant communication.
Submission is not yet online
Communication between iLabs and MetLIMS
How accurately clients describe their samples is the responsibility of the people that actually run the experiment
Acquire data through tandem MS, LC/GC, MS/NMR, etc
Sasha Raskind
Li Zhang
Metadata Curation
Core will send a worklist and method file for LC/GC/MS parameters
Agilent formats
The fields in the template don’t need to be filled out
Bottlenecks & Unresolved Issues
No one will use DRCC to search for samples based on specific instrument parameters since that can be done using the raw file from the instrument
Protocols for all work
Li Zhan, Sasha Raskind & Tanu Soni
1. Deconvolution
2. Feature alignment
3. Data normalization
4. Statistical analysis
5. Metabolite identification
Metadata Curation
Bottlenecks & Unresolved Issues
Untargeted with some targeted
A filter or quality score for DRCC users to decide which numbers should be used for the final explanation
PubChem vs SciFinder
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